[How to make instant noodles in microwave oven]_Microwave oven_How to make

[How to make instant noodles in microwave oven]_Microwave oven_How to make

In today’s society, people’s pace of life is getting faster and faster. The portable rhythm of life allows some people to choose a convenient and fast way to eat. Instant noodles are one of the best examples.

The best food for many people who do n’t have time to eat.

There are also a small number of people who like to use a microwave oven to make instant noodles.

So how do you make instant noodles in a microwave oven?

First, how do you make instant noodles in a microwave oven?

Prepare the ingredients you need.

Fill a bowl of water with a plastic bowl and heat it in the oven.

Then put the noodles in the oven and heat for a while, then pour the water.

Add another bowl of water to make boiling water.

When the boiling water is heated, you can wash the green onions and cut them into green onions, and then prepare the shrimp.

Open the seasoning in the instant noodles and place it in a small dish of shrimp.

After boiling the water, put the noodles in it, and then put the shrimp and seasoning in the noodles.

Put the noodles in the microwave oven and heat for about 2 minutes. After the heating is completed.

Take out the bowl, place the noodles in a small bowl, and sprinkle with green onions.

Delicious, nutritious microwave-cooked instant noodles are ready to eat.

Second, cut the tomatoes into small pieces, prepare a microwave bowl that can hold the instant noodle cake, put the instant noodles in the bowl, pour the instant noodle seasoning onto the noodle cake, and stir the eggs evenly on the noodle cake, addA small tablespoon of water, place the fungus fungus and the cut tomatoes on the pasta in order, put them in the microwave, heat for 7 minutes, add half a spoonful of sugar after taking out, a small amount of boiling water, sugar and water according to personal tasteAdjustment.

How to make instant noodles in the microwave?

Instant noodles were originally invented lazily. The taste of boiling the water is not good, and it is troublesome to cook in the pan. The noodles in the microwave are soft and hard. The soup is full of aroma and steaming.Shutan, do n’t need to brush the pot, haha.

Prepare a bag of instant noodles and an egg. Take a microwave container that can hold a bag of instant noodles. Convenient fabric bag. Open the sauce bag. Put the contents in the container. Add an appropriate amount of water and stir well.

Add noodles and beat in an egg. Place the container in the oven and heat over medium heat for 5 minutes.

Take it out and stir it a few times before you can eat it.