[Purine content of Tremella]_ Purine ratio _ taboo

[Purine content of Tremella]_ Purine ratio _ taboo

Tremella is a relatively small amount of relative food, and its purine content is not high. It can also be eaten appropriately for gout patients.

Gout is a relatively common form of gout. You must pay attention to your diet. You must understand the contraindications of some foods. For example, you should not have internal organs. Try to avoid fish and seafood.Kind of food.

If the fungus content of Tremella is not high, don’t worry. If you have high uric acid, you must pay attention not to eat foods with high protein, such as soy products, eggs, including lean meat. Do not eat more, not drink alcohol, eat more.Vegetables, diet should be light, drink plenty of water, which is beneficial for the excretion of uric acid, and also check what causes the high uric acid, symptomatic treatment.

Do not eat these foods for gout1. Visceral and fish gouty arthritis, whether acute or chronic, need to pay attention to the patients should control long-term high purine foods, such as animal offal, sardines, anchovies, breeding fish, shrimp, etc.

These are foods that people with gout cannot eat, so be careful.

2. Seasoning gout patients all know to eat less seafood, but many people do not know that oyster sauce, abalone juice, seafood sauce, mushroom sauce, concentrated chicken sauce and other food seasonings have high purine content.

These condiments are often refined products of some animals, seafood, and other processed products. Their purine content is very high. After eating the food cooked by these condiments, the uric acid level in the body can be quickly increased in a short time.

A rapid rise in blood uric acid exacerbates the onset of painful winds.

3. In addition to various purine-containing foods, the “enemies” of patients with high-fructose food gout also have foods containing “fructose”.

Gout patients should eat less sweet fruits, especially those with higher fructose content.

Because the fructose content in the blood increases, it will cause the blood uric acid and uric acid content in the urine to increase rapidly.

In addition, “fructose syrup” is added to some beverages.

Therefore, patients with gout should pay attention to the ingredients list before eating and eat less fructose-containing food.

4, coffee strong tea aggravates gout strong tea, coffee and other beverages themselves will not increase the content of purines, but they have the role of excitatory autonomic nerves, aggravating gout, may also induce the acute attack of gout, patients with gout should try to avoid taking it.

5. The influence of wine alcohol on gout is multi-faceted. Alcohol can promote purine absorption. Even red wine and white wine do not have purine. Consumption with other purine-containing meat will increase ventilation.

In addition, alcohol can increase uric acid excretion, increasing the risk of gout or high uric acid