What are the symptoms of early heart failure? These 9 major signs should be noted!

What are the symptoms of early heart failure? These 9 major signs should be noted!

What are the symptoms of early heart failure?
In general, patients with heart failure often have no obvious symptoms in the early stage. Usually, they are often manifested in the common multiple symptoms of the elderly. According to medical statistics, the following conditions may occur in the early stages of heart failure.
There are 9 major symptoms in early heart failure, 1 shortness of breath (especially when sleeping or lying down).
I can’t breathe deeply or breathe when I wake up in the middle of the night or in the morning.
Especially when using force or lying down, the chest has a sense of oppression, can not breathe deeply, only sit up, can catch a breath; 2, chest pressure or “sinking”.
This is the initial symptom of heart failure; 3, feeling that clothing and shoes are too tight.
Clothes and shoes become very tight and puffiness is a sign of edema, while edema is one of the early symptoms of heart failure; 4, palpitations or irregular heartbeat.
Fast heartbeat, arrhythmia, palpitations, etc. are common symptoms of heart failure; 5, loss of appetite.
There is still a feeling of fullness for a long time after a meal, which may be accompanied by nausea, constipation, stomach upset or abdominal pain.
The chest and abdomen have a sense of oppression, feeling uncomfortable after eating; 6, dizziness and dizziness.
Dizziness or dizziness is a common problem of heart failure; 7, anxiety.
Shortness of breath, constant thoughts, sweating of the palms, and rapid heartbeat are signs of anxiety.
Some patients will mistake anxiety or stress as the main reason, ignoring heart failure; 8, coughing.
A major symptom of heart failure, but it is easy to confuse with the flu or the common cold.
Heart failure cough rarely occurs as much as a cold cough, sometimes coughing up white foam or thickening, and may have bloodshot.
Heart failure is more likely to cause dry cough. When lying down or getting up, the cough is aggravated; 9. It is easy to fatigue or always feel weak.
After exerting force or exertion, the patient panting or feeling difficulty in gasping. After lying down, the chest begins to produce a “sinking feeling”, and then becomes anxious and unable to fall asleep, forming a vicious circle.
As mentioned above, early symptoms of heart failure are often too common and easily overlooked, so early prevention is necessary.
Many times, often the most common is the most easily overlooked. Here, I hope that the majority of the people care about their bodies and prevent heart failure, healthy and happy life.
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