10-minute plan to build perfect muscles

10-minute plan to build perfect muscles


The push-ups (horizontal, oblique, and oblique) of the compound group exercise muscles: pectoral muscles, deltoid shoulder muscles, upper back muscles, and internal triceps.

Practice: 3 groups do it continuously, there is only a pause when changing posture between groups.


Standard push-ups-with both hands on shoulder width, legs and back straight, feet close together, arms straight, and elbows locked.

Look forward, do not look at the ground, lower your body until the chest almost touches the ground, keep your back straight, and then push the body in a controlled manner to resume the starting position.

Pay attention to the rhythm of the action.


Push-ups-push your hands on a 50-70 cm height.

The body is lowered until the chest is parallel to the hand, and then it is strongly supported.

This exercise is mainly to practice the lower part of the pectoral muscles.

In addition to a few, you can also do it with your hands on the exercise ball, such a small length, because more muscles will participate in the movement to maintain balance, including the waist and abdomen muscles.


Downward push-ups-Put your feet on the top support and insert your hands on the ground.

Lower your body until your chest almost touches the ground and push up.

This exercise is mainly aimed at the upper pectoral muscles and the front of the shoulder muscles.

You can also use a fitness ball instead to increase the participation of the trunk muscles.


Strong push-ups exercise muscles: pectoral, shoulder, upper back, triceps.

  The starting position is the same as the standard push-ups, but with the right hand pointing at the ground, the left hand is placed on a support about 20 cm high.

Slowly lower your body until your left shoulder is close to your left hand, and then use explosive power to stand up to make your hands briefly vacate.

At the moment when the hands were vacated, the body turned slightly to the left, leaving the left hand on the ground and the right hand on the support.


Push-ups turn to practice muscles: posterior deltoid muscle, lumbar side muscle, lower back muscles.

  The starting motion is the same as standard push-ups.

After supporting the body, after the arms are straightened, the identity is rotated to the right, and the right arm is raised. At the same time, the eyes can also look at the movement of the right arm to the upper right.


Triceps push-ups exercise muscles: triceps.

  Same practice as standard push-ups, but with two hands held together and a bit of internal rotation, so that the thumb and index finger form a triangle.

This changes the weight of the fractured triceps.

Husbands and wives often dream in the same bed experts explain different reasons for men and women’s dreams

Husbands and wives often “dream in the same bed” experts explain different reasons for men and women’s dreams

Some people have changed their lives because of a dream, some people have completed scientific inventions under the guidance of dreams, some people have dreams to foresee their destiny . Dreams are closely related to life. One of the interesting phenomena is that no matter how close the relationship between husband and wife is in life,In the night, “different dreams in the same bed.”
A survey of men and women’s dreams in the latest issue of Psychology Today in Germany shows that men and women’s dreams reflect the essential characteristics of both sexes: men’s dreams are more violent and sexual, and women’s dreams are more and more complicatedRelated to life.
  ”Psychology Today” magazine commissioned relevant research departments to study the dreams of thousands of men and women of different ages for many years and found that dreams are closely related to men and women’s daytime life and ideas.
Men express love in their dreams, and women have more emotions in their dreams.
  Men often have activity-related dreams, usually in outdoor or unfamiliar environments as backgrounds, and related to their occupations. Women’s dreams are mostly related to emotions, indoors, such as at home, dormitories or offices.The objects are often household items or clothing.
  Men’s dreams are more active and aggressive than women’s dreams, and they are more aggressive and provocative. Their dreams involve more occupations, competition, reputation, and property.
50% of men have won the *** award in their dreams, and half of them dream of becoming famous overnight.
Men’s dreams are rarely troubled.
But more than 65% of women’s dreams are related to stress, irritability, sorrow and depression, reflecting a sense of insecurity.
The inner world reflected in a woman’s dream is more colorful than that of a man.
  Most men have sex with beautiful strange women in dreams, and can get more pleasure in dreams.
The relationship between women and men in their dreams is more emotional, and often they have romantic relationships with men.
Women sometimes dream of sexual intercourse, but they do not dream as often as men.
Female protagonists in dreams are often acquaintances. There are many characters in the scenes, and the plot is very tortuous, and women often can vividly recall the things in their dreams.
Dreams are affected by biological rhythms. Biological rhythms have a greater impact on women’s dreams. For example, when women come to menstruate, their dream content is different from usual.
Women will dream more of animals when they are pregnant. In the first 3 months of pregnancy, they will often dream of animals such as tadpoles. After half a year, they will dream of puppies and rabbits, and they will dream of monkeys and gorillas before delivery.
  Studies have also found that differences in dreaming between men and women start at adolescence.
Scientists studied 600 boys and girls over the age of 10 and found that the content of dreams is very different: boys often dream of monsters or large animals, girls often dream of people and small animals, and dream of more anxiety.
  German scientists believe that people have been dreaming since the day they were born, and not all nights, but all night.
Everyone dreams 7 hours a day, 49 hours a week, and 2624 hours a year.
Therefore, if the study of dreams has a breakthrough, it will greatly change people’s behavior and life patterns.
According to Freud, a world-renowned psychologist, dreams are a reflection of people’s depressed subconscious mind.
By understanding dreams, people will learn more about the wishes of themselves and others.
Germans often interpret dreams based on this theory.
  ”Psychology Today” magazine reminds readers that if your husband’s dreams often appear at home with windows and doors open, then you must think that there may be more than one woman in his life, and his heart is not only open to you alone.
At this time, as a woman, you need to re-arrange the room to make the husband feel warm and comfortable, and then design a romantic weekend with only two people.
  As a man, if your wife often dreams of pipes, narrow alleys, and other narrow things, you need to change your behavior, because it shows that your wife feels that you are restricting her or that you are disappointing with her sexual life.

Tips for Beginners

Tips for Beginners

Foreword: After the summer comes, graduates in 2009 will inject a new round of blood into the society.

For graduates, the new environment will bring new challenges as well as more possibilities.

For students, they are always facing competition.

High school entrance examination, college entrance examination, until acceptance of social tests.

In the process of crossing the wooden bridge with thousands of horses, opportunities are always reserved for those who are prepared.

  How adjustment status stands out among many talents is unique.

This requires college students who are involved in the workplace for the first time to first adjust their state and face the upcoming challenges with the best mental outlook.

  State is extremely important to a person. A person is in a good mental state, which is extremely helpful for work, career, and learning.

State is not equal to the state of mind, but includes the state of mind.

State involves many aspects, including three aspects: physical strength, fluctuations and mentality.

  Physical strength is mainly aimed at whether the body is healthy and whether sleep is sufficient.

Interest is spirit, that is, interest and enthusiasm for one thing, and interest is the expression of the degree of interest and enthusiasm for one thing.

The mentality mainly refers to the guiding ideology of how to treat something, which is to look at the upcoming thing with a certain attitude.

Many times attitude is everything.

  In the work, the three are essentially a side-by-side relationship. There is no primary or secondary relationship between them, but they are related to each other.

Whether the three are mutually sufficient or necessary is not necessarily the case. It depends on the specific circumstances of the individual. As far as ordinary people are concerned, they are interoperable with each other.

  Of the three, physical strength is often not seen by the general public. From the perspective of young people, they all think that their bodies have a foundation, and it does not matter.

But in fact, the physical problem is composed of diet, sleep and exercise. They jointly maintain personal health.

Therefore, I hope that college students will arrange their daily routines and try to regularize their living habits before going to work.

  Strength is spirit.

It is the question of how to maintain enthusiasm and interest in work.

There are two ways to solve this problem. One is prevention, which is to make a reasonable and practical work and life plan.

At the same time, in the process of making plans, straighten out your thinking and soothe your mind.

The second method is to relax.

The combination of prevention and relaxation ensures that interest is always at a relatively stable level.

Interest is the motivation, and the biggest motivation to keep interest is the progress and results achieved after earnest efforts.

  As a guiding ideology, the mentality is how to look at the employment problems that are faced and how to look at the various situations that need to be faced.

It can be said that some people regard employment as a burden of thought, while others treat employment with passion and ambition.

No matter the mentality of everyone, employment is something that every individual has to face.

    The leveling mentality is a guy who must face up to reaching a psychological balance, neither reassuring to meet the status quo, nor complaining about the situation.

  If a person fully satisfies the status quo, then he has nothing to pursue, careless, and mixed lives, so we must learn not to satisfy the status quo.

All progress begins with dissatisfaction.

However, Feuerbach said that everything that exists is reasonable.

When a person is in employment, he is always satisfied or dissatisfied, and it is the result of the accumulation of existing experiences and processes.

If you want to break it and change it, you don’t just want to change it, you can change it.

If you want to work and live happily, you must “not satisfied with the status quo, and be content with the status quo.”

  ”Not satisfied with the status quo, but at the same time.” This is a bit of a paradoxical taste. It seems contradictory, but it is mutually reinforcing.

If you ca n’t settle for the status quo, your heart is irritable, your heart is burning, and you are anxious to achieve success, then you cannot break through the status quo, and you ca n’t live a normal, stable life.I was so upset and miserable.One of the first things about this first-class situation is to set the tone.

  To set the mind, the first thing is to prevent some people who do not have the subjective conditions from blindly comparing.

There is no superior background, no good conditions, no superhuman ability and noble achievements. Every kind of repetition should learn to feel at ease and peace of mind.

The strength that is gained by one’s own ability truly belongs to him.

  In essence, it is to face up to the differences with people and do not want to go wrong.

The differences between people are objective.

Destiny is shaped by each individual’s innate and acquired conditions.

After hard work, we can conditionally change it, and even have unexpected gains.

However, most people belong to the general state, which must be faced up.

If you can change and become better, that is what you want, and you should be happy; if you still change, you do n’t change much, and you do n’t need to be inferior, because this is the structure of society.

  Finally learn to be content and not compare.

People cannot rest on the status quo. In addition to serving the country and the people, there is also an important point that is to try to get generous remuneration and to enjoy the diverse material life brought about by the fast-changing high-tech.

To do this, we must proceed from reality, consciously reduce our enjoyment, learn to live within our means, and use our wealth properly.

Otherwise, you have to look at Shu Long, and you are so greedy, you eat in the pot, you have low eyes, you have no passion for work, and you do n’t have to have a taste for life.

  Not long ago, Yu Faming, director of the Employment Promotion Department of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, said that the contradiction between oversupply of labor force in 2009 will further intensify, and 24 million people will need to arrange employment.

Although the grim unemployment rate is in sight, hope is still in sight after the “throat” of job search.

  Although the recent graduate employment positions in 2009 will be affected by the financial crisis to some extent, according to surveys and statistics over the years, state agencies and enterprises and institutions are the major employers of college students, accounting for 12 of the total number of college graduates.

About 7%, the current employment market is stable. In addition, internal service industries, education and training, psychological counseling and other industries will also release more employment opportunities. Compared with most foreign companies’ tightening recruitment plans, state-owned enterprises can provideMore jobs.

  At the same time, many companies are taking advantage of the expected reduction in college students’ salaries to “absorb diligent” outstanding graduates, thereby reserve talents for “overwinter and spring”.

Therefore, for the college student group, while the employment market is shrinking, there may be many more.

  This requires fresh graduates to grasp the potential and hope lies ahead.

To learn to grasp the advance and retreat scale in the rapid current, it is especially important to learn to lower your attitude.

  To lower the attitude is to ask the students to put aside everything they had before, lower their heads, ask for advice humbly, and realize it seriously.

Anything that had magical glory and glory yesterday was a start today.

So learning to lower your profile today is a good start.

  Wu Renbao, the old secretary of Huaxi Village, said in a forum with university student village officials: “It is not rare to have one university student in the city, and one university student in the countryside is incredible.

“Going to the grassroots level and serving the countryside is a call of the times and a promising choice.

  The normal way of doing things If a person is entangled and entangled by perverse behavior and irregularities, it is difficult to be as calm as normal.

Losing the previous normality of dealing with people, what happened, violated their principles, but could not control all of this, and was misunderstood and contradicted.

The more troubles, the more troubles are wasted.

  For the internship stage of college students, this is a cumulative process, a process of changing ideology, thereby achieving maturity and turning butterflies into butterflies.

During this period, a person’s thoughts of life were provided with a gas station and booster, so there may be a chance to see the dawn of hope and achieve his ideals and career.

Therefore, in the daily work of the internship period, in the course of dealing with people, college students must always maintain a normal state of mind and turn it into a work normal.

During the internship, trials and inspections will be faced at all times.

Tightening a string, although it improves the inner sense of urgency and the sense of urgency, it is also easier to be defeated by laziness and relax in later work.

  Philosophy tells us that thought is the precursor of behavior.

Without the ideology of being tested and constantly struggling, it is difficult to maintain a positive and progressive attitude towards life.

To maintain the urgent consciousness of the internship at all times, it is necessary to continuously increase the awareness of their own anxiety and responsibility, and accept every test that comes randomly in the work.

  The key to staying in the internship period is to keep pursuing.

The state of pursuit during the internship period is the yearning and pursuit of beautiful things, and the indomitable psychology shown in the face of any difficulties and setbacks.To persist in the pursuit of the internship period, we must face difficulties and setbacks with an optimistic and positive attitude.

Possibility always favors prepared people.

Stay in shape at all times, maybe there is a beautiful scenery in front, maybe there is a chance of success ahead.

To stay in shape at all times is to have a good yearning for your own life, and to make efforts and actions for it.

The key to maintaining the standard of the internship period is to maintain an attitude of dealing with people, not because of material preferences, not with grief, and with a new and positive attitude.

Maintain the standard all the time, and maybe not see the light for the time being, but you will never lose hope.

  Find out how to do things in an industry. Naturally, the things you deal with must reach the level of “menerqing”. You don’t need to be in full swing.

  Here are two suggestions for treating work: First, treat work as your own lover.

You should be enthusiastic about your work and treat your lovers in earnest. Most people can copy their previous “experience”, and treat their work carefully, carefully and comprehensively.

After figuring out the “routine”, it was natural to go along smoothly with the flow of water.

  The second is to treat work as the enemy in the mall war.

Treating enemies is as harsh as sweeping autumn leaves, harsh, rigorous, and meticulous and spare no effort.

Dig hard forward, break through the threshold, and achieve sublimation in practice.

  Find out the mood, there is a lighthouse in sailors sailing, there is a magnifier in the hands of researchers.

Whether it is a scale study or an anatomical sparrow test, the results must be objective and accurate, and they can accurately reveal the underlying problem.

If Sun Wukong’s hot eyes and golden eyes peeled away the beauty’s appearance to identify the white bone essence, then he must work hard to replace the X-ray fluoroscopy to gain insight into the internal organs under the surface.

  It can be seen that college students stepping out of the campus for the first time in the workplace, they need to adjust their state, set their minds, lower their attitudes, be normal, and understand their mood.

Only by doing the above things can you understand and care about yourself, and do your best.

Eight emotions are not worth your indulgence

Eight emotions are not worth your indulgence

I believe that even in love, you will know that your youth is short-lived. Women can’t afford tossing for years.

Therefore, please don’t spend your time on inconclusive love. If you are stuck in the following relationships, it is recommended that you still resume “cliff and horse”, so as not to waste your youth and not get good results.

  ”time can change everything!

“This is true, but in love, you have to weigh it.

If you are now trying to change your awkward situation, the following 8 situations are for your reference.

Love without results, let it go as soon as possible.

  First, you care more about the other party. You are in love, but you are not sure what the other party thinks; you think you are suitable, he seems to disagree; when he is away, you miss him, and he does not seem to be different when you are away.

“If two people disagree, how can they go together?

“Sometimes one side loves the other vertical. If it is in a healthy relationship, there will be an alternating phenomenon. The two will take turns to play the role of pursuit and being pursued; but if one of them always plays the pursuit, suchThe relationship is not perfect. For a long time, if you fall into thirst, you will feel controlled by the other party, you will feel angry, deceived, and painful.

  Second, you want to help each other Do you often feel that the other is poor?

Do you feel it is your responsibility to help the other person cheer up?

Are you afraid that if you leave the other party, he will not be able to take the blow?

If so, you’re probably a “savior.”

“Salvation” will not find a suitable person, or a person whom he sympathizes with and can help.

Find someone who has been traumatized, vulnerable, dependent, unloved, and aggrieved. You are loved by pity. He pointed out that you are grateful. This feeling is like a rescue task, not a healthy, balanced one.

The key to keep in mind here is “respect”. The person you love must be someone you can respect. You must be proud of the other person. Your partner does not want your rescue, and even wants you to really understand him.

  Third, what you love is the potential of the other person. What you love is the potential of the other person, not what the other person really looks like. What you love is what the other person may look like in the future. Then he is not your partner or even the object of your transformation.

Every time we do pre-marriage counselling, if the other party will not change for 50 years, will you be satisfied?

If you have always wanted to be able to change each other and you feel more satisfied, it is not love, but crumbs, and the happiness of both parties is used as a bet.

When you associate with a person, you must love and respect each other’s true nature, not his future appearance. You can expect him to continue to grow, but you must be satisfied with his current appearance.

  Fourth, regard each other as the object of worship. Young female stars fall in love with directors, college students fall in love with professors, secretaries fall in love with bosses . It is difficult to maintain normal feelings about falling in love with the worshipped objects, because the two cannot be equal.treat.

Both men and women must be treated equally. I don’t mean a part, otherwise the attitude should not overly worship each other.

People who fall in love with the person they admire often have low self-confidence and feel bad about themselves.

  Fifth, choose this object for rebellion. Parents always point out to you. Find a rich object. Every boyfriend is poor. Everyone has been strict with you since childhood. Every girlfriend is very casual.My father has been killing his ears since childhood. Passing incense is the most important thing. Your girlfriend is either unable or unwilling to give birth . If you replace the subject and always make your parents angry, it is likely that you just want to be rebellious, you think it must beTo prove what comes back, when you can’t control your choice, you don’t really love each other, this relationship is doomed to no effect.

  Six, you’re just attracted to each other’s appearance, everyone will do this, right?

If you find yourself deeply attracted by one of your opponent ‘s traits, ask yourself, if the other party does n’t have those big blue eyes, magnetic sounds . If the other party is not a model, he wo n’t play basketball . I will followIs he (she) together?

Men’s appearance is the first growth?

  Seven, the opportunity to get along shortly night and night You share the work with the other party, often have to work overtime together, so you feel in love with the other party .

When you go on vacation for three weeks and meet a man who is also on vacation, you feel like falling in love .

A short day and night together is to be together under special circumstances, which is not normal. This feeling cannot last, because a short day and night together cannot make you fully understand each other’s personality.

  Eight, the other party is not free. I leave this to the end because it is not a relationship at all.

The first reason to choose a life partner is because the other person is “free”.

“Freedom” means people who can associate with you freely, without marriage, without engagement, without a fixed partner, without going to bed with others, single, and only with you.

  If the man you fell in love promises to break up with another woman earlier; or he says he doesn’t love that woman, he loves you; or his original object accepts your existence, they don’t plan to break up, but he wants to break up withYou’ve been together for a while; or he just broke up, but he might break through the mirror . these are not free.

Don’t associate with married or targeted people, no matter what the excuse, the result is the same, you are destined to be heartbroken.

Don’t forget, you just accepted the leftover from another person.

Nourishing Recipes: 4 Food Therapies to Help You Stomach

Nourishing Recipes: 4 Food Therapies to Help You Stomach

If you often do not order food for a long time, the stomach will send an alarm for help.

Bad gastrointestinal test 4 dietary recipes to maintain a delicate stomach . First, peanut millet porridge materials: millet 50 grams, peanut kernels 50 grams, red beans 30 grams, sweet-scented osmanthus sugar, rock sugar.

  Method: 1. Soak millet, peanut kernel and red bean in water for 4 hours, then wash it out and set aside; 2, pour an appropriate amount of water into the pot, add peanut kernel, red bean after boiling, use low heat to cook30 minutes; 3, add millet, cook until the rice is rotten, peanut kernels, red beans are soft, then add rock sugar, sweet-scented osmanthus sugar.

  Efficacy: Xiaomi has a sweet and salty taste, has the functions of clearing heat and quenching thirst, strengthening the stomach and dehumidifying, and sleeping peacefully. It is more suitable for those with internal heat and weak spleen and stomach.

Some people have a bad appetite. After eating millet, they can be appetizing and nourishing the stomach. It has the effects of strengthening the stomach and eliminating food, preventing nausea, and rejecting vomiting.

  Jujube, red beans, sweet potatoes, lotus seeds, lilies, etc. can be added according to personal taste to make nutritious porridge with different flavors.

  Second, lean meat mushroom soup ingredients: 100 grams of fresh mushrooms, 100 grams of lean pork, peanut oil, salt.

  Method: Wash the mushrooms and pork, slice them, add them to the casserole, add an appropriate amount of water to cook the soup, and when the soup is thick, add the salt of peanut oil and seasoning.

Can be eaten regularly.

  Efficacy: Tangnong meat is fragrant, has the effect of strengthening the spleen and kidney, protecting the stomach and nourishing the stomach.

  Third, pepper stewed pork belly ingredients: 1 pork belly, 100 grams of pepper Method: First clean the pork belly, then put the pepper in the pork belly, then take the thread to sew the pork belly, and then put the pork belly inAdd the right amount of water to the casserole and cook.

After cooking, remove the pork belly, cut the stitched thread, pour out the pepper, cut the pork belly into strips or pieces, eat pork belly, and drink soup.

  Efficacy: Regulates the stomach and intestines, edible for those with poor gastrointestinal conditions.

  Fourth, Codonopsis bonito soup ingredients: 1500 grams of fresh bonito, 30 grams of codonopsis, the right amount of cooking wine, salt, green onions, ginger, grass fruit, Chenpi, cinnamon, vegetable oil, chicken soup.

  Method: First prepare a gauze bag, wash the codonopsis, grass fruit, citrus peel, cinnamon, ginger with water, and then put it into the gauze bag.

Then clean the catfish, remove the internal organs, wash, add an appropriate amount of oil to the pan, and fry the fish slightly.

Add an appropriate amount of chicken broth to the pot, then add the sachets, spring onions, cooking wine, salt and fish to the boil.

  Efficacy: The Codonopsis deliciosus soup can help the spleen and stomach, and nourish the qi and invigorate qi, and help to regulate the stomach.

  Take 1 to 3 times a day, each time 150 to 200 ml, and can be eaten with a meal.

What to eat is good for your skin

What to eat is good for your skin

The autumn weather is dry and it is easy to have some skin conditions. Now many people are very concerned about their skin problems.

So do you know what to eat for your skin?

Do you know how to raise your face?

Today, Xiaobian recommends six medicated diets to help you whiten and beauty, let’s find out together!

  1. After washing the lotus seeds, coriander seeds, coriander seeds, and longan meat, add an appropriate amount of water, boil it over high heat, and boil it for about 1 hour. After the soup is slightly cold, add honeyStir and serve immediately.

  This soup can make rough, dark and dark skin gradually become fair and the skin texture becomes fine. It is a very effective beauty soup.

  2. The oriole simmers the red dates first, and cooks with the fungus; then puts the rind, cooks for about 10 minutes, then adds rock sugar, mixes the eggs and mixes to serve.

  This tincture has the effects of beauty, skin wrinkles, and discoloration. Regular consumption can make the skin white and tender, delicate and inflexible.

  3, lemon rock sugar juice Squeeze the lemon, add the right amount of rock sugar can be added.

  Lemon contains very rich vitamin C. Frequent supplementation can make the skin white and tender, prevent skin blood vessels from aging, and can eliminate skin pigmentation, thereby whitening and pale spots.

  4, Cordyceps old turtle soup This soup needs to be cooked with Cordyceps sinensis and old turtle together.

  This flavored soup is suitable for women with poor sleep and gray skin.

  5. American Ginseng and Turtle Soup American Ginseng is suitable for many women because of its mild medicine, and turtles have a very nourishing effect on women.

  This soup is very suitable for those women who have a lot of work pressure.

  6, red dates and black chicken soup red dates can nourish blood, black chicken can nourish yin and qi, and it has certain effect on women’s menstrual aberration, suitable for those irregular menstruation.

Women with rough skin have long-term beauty.

Major myths: 8 glasses of water a day

Major myths: 8 glasses of water a day

The argument of “eight glasses of water per day” is almost universally known, but how to drink “right” these eight glasses of water is very learned.

If you maintain the wrong drinking habits, you will not only obey the role of hydrating the body, but will increase the burden on your internal organs.

The following are 7 common mistakes in hydration. Drinking water at the right time can be a 100% water beauty.

  Misunderstanding 1: Every morning, people who have water, weight loss, whiteness, and cold constitution are not suitable to replace the milk, juice or cold water of the subsequent body temperature in the morning. They can be replaced by warm soup and porridge.

Freshly squeezed juice is not suitable for the empty stomach in the morning, and it should be placed with breakfast even in summer.

Replenishing water and avoiding salt in the morning, thick broth in the pot, and salty coriander soup are not suitable for the morning, which will only increase the hunger of the body in the morning.

  Misunderstanding 2: Can’t drink water before meals?

Doesn’t that dilute the gastric juice and affect digestion?

Western food has an appetizing step before meals. The reason is to use soup to mobilize appetite, lubricate the esophagus, and prepare for meals.

So, hydration before meals has the same meaning. Before entering solid food, drink a half cup (about 100 ml), which can be indoor fruit juice, yogurt, warm rock sugar chrysanthemum water or light teaOr a small bowl of thick appetizing soup is a good way to nourish the stomach.

  Misunderstanding 3: Make sure to drink 8 glasses of water every day. In the food we usually eat, some vegetables, fruits, drinks, etc. will contain water. If you eat fruits and soup today, then drink enough.8 cups of water, it is possible to absorb too much water.

The water content of rice reaches 60%, and the porridge contains more water.

The water content of vegetables and fruits generally exceeds 70%. Even if you only eat 500 grams of fruits and vegetables a day, you can get 300?
400 ml of water.

Coupled with the daily diet is dry and thin mix, so get 1500 from three meals?
2000 ml of water is not difficult.

It is better to make full use of the opportunity of three meals to hydrate, and choose more fruits and vegetables and non-salty soup and porridge, the hydration effect is good.

  Misunderstanding 4: Drinking water is to allow the body to absorb and replenish water at the same time. The body must also benefit from water to achieve water balance. The so-called water-friendly food refers to foods that can increase the body’s water excretion.The formation of kidney urine. There are also dietary fiber in coarse grains, vegetables and fruits, which can bind a large amount of water in the body and increase the weight of feces. Spicy stimulating ingredients promote the relaxation of capillaries on the body surface. People sweat sweating and lose body surface water.

Whether it is tonic or benefit, it is a means to achieve body water balance.

  Misunderstanding 5: Any water is good for health. The boiled tap water may contain carcinogenic high-chlorine compounds. If it is left for a period of time (overnight), the water quality will deteriorate.

In addition, there is also a problem of subsequent maintenance of the domestic water treatment machine, and the drinking water machine can be a source of high frequency secondary pollution.

So drinking fresh water is better for your body.

  Myth 6: The more water you drink, the better your body and skin will be.
2000 liters is normal, but if you drink a lot of water consciously or unconsciously, this will be a problem.

First, explain that your body may be in a dehydrated state, being in a high temperature environment, a lot of sweating or eating a lot of salt may cause this situation, then hydration is necessary; second, if there is high blood sugar, pituitary or high blood pressureCondition; or infectious diseases such as Gan Chang, fever; or a urinary system disease, or even a patient with hyperuricemia, you can actively drink plenty of water.

It is not necessary for a healthy person to drink more than 2000 ml / day without feeling thirsty. It is just a test of his own kidney function.

  Misunderstanding 7: Drinking beverages can also make up for water. Fruit drinks often use citric acid as a flavoring agent. Consumption of citric acid is excessive, and a large amount of organic acids suddenly enter the body. When the absorption exceeds the body’s ability to handle acid, it will make the body’s pHThe value is unbalanced, causing acidemia, making people tired and sleepy.

Especially when the human body sweats a lot, the human body will lose a lot of electrolytes, such as potassium, sodium, chlorine and other alkaline components. A lot of sour drinks are more likely to make body fluids acidic.

Therefore, it is not appropriate to add too much acidic drinks with organic acids.

Test to assess your fitness level

Test to assess your fitness level

First, the stairs test If you have no symptoms of dyspnea after climbing up two floors of stairs, you will not feel very tired. You can be proud: “You are relatively healthy.

“From another perspective, if your fatigue lasts more than 30 minutes after climbing stairs, it means that your fitness level is not good.

  Second, walking test If you can walk more than 500 meters in 6 minutes, it means that your daily fitness level is appropriate.

However, if you walk less than 200 meters in 6 minutes, then you may actually be in poor health.

And if you walk 200-500 meters in 6 minutes, then you need to consult your doctor to see if you have a potential disease.

  Third, softness test People with good physical softness are often more agile.

The range of movement of each muscle of the body can be stretched to ensure that you avoid injuries.

  Fourth, hamstrings lie down and lift your legs, and if you can reach 90% effortlessly, this means that your hamstrings have enough clearance.

  Five, muscle strength test 1.

Push-ups The best way to assess your muscle strength is through push-ups.

If you can do 10-20 in one minute, then your muscle strength can be better in series.


Longitudinal jump Dr. Santos Kumar Agarwal, a doctor at the Shenshan Hospital and the Heart Institute, proposed a vertical jump test to determine leg muscle strength.

In these tests, people try to jump to reach the highest point on the top.

The height reached by men over 28 inches is excellent, between 24 and 28 inches is good, 20 and 24 inches is above average, and below 8 inches is very poor.

For women, a 4 inch reduction is sufficient.

  Sixth, body mass index test 1.

“Pinch” test men should have a normal aunt ratio of 18?
24%, women should be around 15-18%.

To assess your weight percentage, you can do a pinch test at home.

“Pinching is actually pinching excess meat on your waist, arms, and thighs. If you can get more than 2 inches of meat, this means that your unfortunate ratio is higher than the above standard.


Waist to hip ratio According to a study by the European Heart Journal, your waist to hip ratio is related to heart disease.

The waist-to-hip ratio requires the widest part of your waist and chest.

First, when men’s waist-to-hip ratio is greater than zero.

9, female waist-hip ratio is greater than 0.

8, can be diagnosed as central obesity.

Eight mentalities when men lie

Eight mentalities when men lie

Women always say that men love to lie to their wives, so why do they lie?

Today, I will give you an inventory of how Chinese men lie to their wives, and why?

  1. The reason why you are wearing this dress is beautiful: Avoid initializing men always have similar answers to your wife ‘s questions. This may be unwilling to hurt your self-esteem, do not want to trouble yourself, and also avoid causing your discomfort orMakes you misunderstood.

  2. I can repair the reason: maintain self-confidence. If a man cannot repair a tool at home, he will lie and say that it is broken, and he should replace it with a new one, because if he admits failure and asks his wife to repair it,He feels hurting his self-confidence.

  3, all right: Healing a man alone is always okay when he encounters a problem. In fact, he is just waiting to be alone and licking the wound in silence.

Men also have feelings of sadness and depression. For men, bleeding is glorious, and it is sacred to refuse to use band-aids. They sometimes use lies to hide themselves, thereby avoiding fearful dialogue.

  4. If you do n’t want it, I do n’t want the reason: Avoid yourself becoming a pervert who forced your wife. When you say that you have no emotions or physical discomfort, a man can only conceal his inner disappointment, lest you be regarded as a wise lover,People who do n’t understand gentleness are actually very difficult to be men. They must understand romance and respect. They ca n’t manipulate their feet or fail, so men sometimes have to lie.

  5. I called you. Reason: All men in self-defense consider themselves to be an extraordinary person, so when you encounter a husband who forgot to call you, or because he is late for a date, he cannot complete what you have told you.He usually uses this excuse, please forgive him a lot. In the eyes of men, lying is sometimes one of the ways to avoid being hurt.

  6, I’m the best reason: make you think that getting married is worthwhile. When men describe their courage and strength, their experience or their decisive position in the job, they often overstate it. He only did this to makeDon’t forget that you are married to the right person, and talking big is just to satisfy yourself.

  7. My past girlfriend?

Here’s why: Self-protection Every woman is curious and wants to know the true situation of her husband’s past girlfriend. When someone realizes that a strong man is facing these problems, it is conceivable to perfuse things.At the same time, he also knows that he must be honest and not let his lover be entangled, but some questions they really do not like to answer, because the past feelings are their most secure privacy.

  8. How can I lie to you: Let your lover dispel doubts. Men want to live happily, so the best way to get women to dispel doubts in the mouth of a man is this sentence. Of course, it depends on him being a similar person.And the strength of your marriage relationship may take a lifetime to find the answer, but one thing is certain, men want a perfect ending like a Hollywood movie.

Men should not be too small foreskin balanitis!

There is some way to treat dermatitis

Men should not be too small foreskin balanitis!
There is some way to treat dermatitis

Foreskin balanitis is a common disease in men. If you think that you can’t get timely and effective treatment, it will easily endanger the patient’s reproductive system health, leading to urinary system diseases, sexual dysfunction, etc. How to treat foreskin balanitis

Let’s take a look at the symptoms and treatment of general foreskin balanitis.

Symptoms of foreskin balanitis 1, acute superficial foreskin balanitis: local flushing at the beginning, the skin of the penis is red, swollen, and the glans has a burning and tearing sensation.

Open the foreskin, it can be seen that the inside of the foreskin and the glans are congested and smashed, with exudate and even bleeding.

After the infection, small ulcers can be seen, and there is a stenchy milky white purulent secretion.

If it is painful to rub with the underpants, the patient is often inconvenient to move.

May be associated with swelling and tenderness of the inguinal lymph nodes.

2, topological rupture rotten balanitis: on the glans and foreskin, visible erythema, gradually enlarged, streaking, can form a superficial ulcer surface.

3, Candida albicans balanitis: foreskin and glans visible erythema, smooth surface, and herpes simplex, the edge of erythema is more obvious, there is erosion, exudate in acute attacks.

4, trichomonas foreskin balanitis: glans from papules and erythema, gradually enlarged, the edge is clear, small spots on the erythema visible small blisters, and finally formed a erosion surface.

5, plasma cell balanitis: the lesion is plaque-like, smooth surface or desquamation or moist, infiltration is more obvious.

The boundary is not easy to break, and the surface is visible like tiny spots of paprika.

6, mica-like and keratinized pseudoepithelial balanitis: glans damage infiltrated hypertrophy, hyperkeratosis and mica-like molting, the affected area lost normal elasticity, shrinking over time.

Finally, remind male friends that if the above symptoms appear in their glans, appropriate and timely treatment, otherwise it will not lead to the deterioration of the condition and affect the health of the patient.

Treatment of foreskin balanitis 1, trichomonas balanitis, available 0.

1% lactic acid solution or 0.

The glans and foreskin filler are rinsed with 5% acetic acid solution or 1:5000 potassium permanganate solution.

2, Candida foreskin balanitis, can be used to clean the affected area or topical imidazole ointment such as Dakening ointment, clotrimazole ointment and so on.

3, dandelion lotion takes 30 grams of dandelion, 30 grams of wild chrysanthemum, 10 grams of boring, wash the affected part with water, 1 time a day, each wash for about 20 minutes.

4, the main ingredient of Qinglan Powder is Qinglan.

Take appropriate amount of green sputum, add water, adjust into a paste, use it outside the affected area, change the dressing once a day.

5, foreskin balanitis caused by bacterial infection, can be washed with 3% boric acid water 200mL, or 0 1% Lefnuol solution, 2 times a day, 20 minutes each time.

Because there are many types of foreskin balanitis, patients must figure out that they belong to a certain type and then treat them symptomatically.

Related recommendations for what is the performance of foreskin balanitis will bring some harm to men. Foreskin balanitis What is the therapeutic side of the foreskin balanitis can not eat what male foreskin inflammation to eat what is recommended 4 adjuvant treatment diet