Ginger can help treat sexual dysfunction

Ginger can help treat sexual dysfunction

Fresh ginger: increase appetite, slow-sensing middle-aged and elderly men often suffer from cold stomach, loss of appetite, leading to weakness, can often take fresh ginger tablets, stimulate gastric secretion and promote digestion.

Fresh ginger is not as dry as dry ginger, moisturizing without hurting the yin, cut four or five slices of fresh ginger every day, drink a cup of warm water in the morning, and then slowly put the ginger slices in your mouth to chew the ginger.It is emitted in the mouth and spreads to the stomach.

  Dried ginger: For kidney deficiency and yang, take one male carp (about 500 grams), dried ginger, and wolfberry 10 grams each.

Take the white jelly-like substance in the carp belly, the seminal vesicle gland of male fish, fry it with dried ginger and wolfberry, boil, season with wine, salt, and MSG.

Take it on an empty stomach. Take it once every other day for 5 days.

  Dry ginger warms and disperses colds, strengthens stomach and promotes blood circulation, Chinese wolfberry nourishes liver and kidneys, and improves eyesight. This medicated diet can treat impotence caused by kidney-yang deficiency, chills, cold limbs, back pain, waist and knee weakness, burnout, etc.

  However, ginger is warm, if you have sore throat, dry throat, dry stool and other symptoms of yin deficiency and fire, it is not suitable for consumption.

Tonic diet after orthopedic surgery

Tonic diet after orthopedic surgery

Raw materials of chestnut loquat: 200g chestnuts, 2 pig loins, peppercorns, soy sauce, brown sugar, and salt.

Method: Wash chestnuts and stir-fry until yellow-red-red; Wash pork loin and slice.

Put the ingredients in the pot, the amount of water is enough, cook it gently until it is cooked, then add soy sauce, brown sugar, and salt.

How to eat: Eat chestnuts at each meal, moderate amount of pork loin, and even serve for 1 week.

Adaptation: Particularly suitable for patients with lumbar disc herniation.

Can also be taken during acupuncture and massage.

Words: Prolapse of lumbar intervertebral disc, Chinese medicine believes that due to kidney deficiency, wind, cold, dampness, evil, invasion or fatigue, trauma.

Pork loin is a good product for tonifying the kidney, with chestnuts and kidneys to strengthen the waist, in order to increase its effect, add pepper pepper to dispel cold and relieve pain, and take the specimen into consideration.

Caution for use: Chestnuts should not be eaten too much, it is difficult to digest more.

Those who have a sweltering weight, red tongue and yellow greasy damp-heat syndrome and indigestion should not take it.

Raw chicken steamed chrysanthemum raw materials: 1 black chicken, 30g chrysanthemum, 50g raw ground, 50g caramel, cooking wine, ginger, spring onion, salt, monosodium glutamate, pepper, and clear soup.

Method: After the chicken is killed, its hair, internal organs and paws are washed, rinsed, and set aside.

In the habitat, the chrysanthemums are removed from the ash and packed in gauze bags for backup.

Use cooking wine, salt, and pepper to knead the whole body of the black chicken. Ginger, spring onion, and sugar can be packed in the belly of the chicken. Put the chicken in the steamer, add the gauze bag and clear soup, seal the steamer, and steam it in the basket.90 minutes until cooked, remove the gauze bag, adjust the taste with MSG, and serve immediately.

How to eat: Eat chicken in an appropriate amount twice a day.

Adaptation: It is suitable for patients with osteomyelitis surgery.

Words: osteomyelitis often turns to chronic in the later period. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that qi deficiency is incapable of transporting blood, which leads to poor blood flow, impaired veins, and pain if it does not pass.

In this medicated diet, the black-bone chicken is beneficial to warming the qi, nourishing the yin and adding the marrow, and nourishing the yin and yin, complementing the yin and invigorating yin, enriching qi and blood, unblocking blood, and adding chrysanthemum to clear heat and detoxify, so as to make up the deficiency without leaving evil.

Caution for use: The place is cold, so the spleen is deficient.

This medicated diet removes chrysanthemums and is suitable for various chronic diseases with deficiency of qi and blood.

Calcium supplement misunderstanding your baby accounted for several

Calcium supplement misunderstanding your baby accounted for several

Nowadays, various children’s calcium supplement advertisements are flooding parents and friends.

Advertisements suggest that children need to supplement calcium by taking calcium supplements.

Moms and dads looked at it, of course, they were anxious, their children may not be calcium deficiency!

Therefore, adults buy this calcium and buy that calcium, and stuff the children’s mouth every day, thinking “Can our children not lose on the starting line”!

  So, as the ad says, do most children lack calcium?

If I really lack calcium, do I have to take calcium supplements to make up for it?

For children, is calcium supplementation really good for children?

  In fact, your child is deficient in calcium, not by advertising.

Should I take calcium?

How to make calcium scientifically?

Today, Huang Baiqing, deputy chief physician of the Department of Child Health, Children’s Hospital of Quanzhou, a member of the expert advisory group of the Quanzhou Nutrition Society, and Xin Bifen, a teacher of the Quanzhou Normal University, will tell you about your parents.

  [The situation is this]Too many children supplement calcium every day According to Huang Baiqing, the deputy chief physician of the Children’s Health Department of Quanzhou Children’s Hospital, there are many parents who come to the hospital to ask what calcium to give their children.

Most of these parents are watching calcium supplement advertisements and have been misled into thinking that their children may be deficient in calcium.

It happens that the child is growing teeth or is in the developmental period. Parents buy various calcium tablets themselves and give them to the child every day.

  ”Actually, these parents do not know if their children are deficient in calcium.

This kind of random calcium supplementation is inappropriate and doctors don’t recommend it.

Dr. Huang Baiqing said that the actual situation is not as the advertisement says, most children are deficient in calcium, and the situation is not so serious.

  Does the National Nutrition Society recommend a daily calcium intake of 300 for infants who don’t need regular calcium supplements?
400mg, 1?
3 years old 400?
600mg, 4?
800mg at the age of 10, 11?
17 years old 1000mg.

  Many parents often ask: “My child is supplemented with calcium every day, why is he still lacking calcium?

“In fact, the calcium deficiency commonly known in the folk, medically known as” vitamin D deficiency rickets, “is caused by a lack of vitamin D in the body.

Dr. Huang Baiqing introduced that calcium supplementation in infants and young children is to prevent rickets. The first supplement is vitamin D, and then depending on the situation, it is necessary to add appropriate calcium.

Vitamin D is inadequate, and eating more calcium is not enough.

  There are many calcium-containing foods. Therefore, as long as the children replaced by formula milk ensure a certain amount of milk intake and nutrition and nutritional balance, they can meet the needs of calcium nutrition without supplementing calcium.

If the diet is nutritionally balanced, children over 2 years of age consume enough vitamin D in the diet and have sufficient sun exposure to prevent rickets and do not need calcium supplements.

Adolescent children may need calcium supplements, but do not require routine supplementation.

In particular, what should be missing is what makes up.

Very few children with calcium deficiency are mainly caused by partial eclipse or malnutrition.

  [What’s wrong?]Is calcium supplement enough to be long? Myth: 11-year-old Xiao Lin is about to enter adolescence. Many other girls in the class have started to grow, but Xiao Lin is only 1.

3 meters.

Xiao Lin’s mother felt that the child was not tall, and it must be caused by calcium deficiency, so she added calcium to the child.

  Positive solution: Dr. Huang Baiqing introduced that at present, some calcium advertisements have the banner of “calcium supplementation for children’s growth”, which makes parents mistakenly believe that calcium can promote children’s growth.

The more calcium supplements children have, the better it is. This is a mistaken area of cognition. Calcium supplementation alone cannot directly make children grow taller, and may also lead to some hidden health problems.

  It is understood that in addition to genetic factors, a person’s height must have a sound endocrine system and the synergistic effects of vitamin D and calcium to ensure the full growth of bones.
Infants and adolescent children have the fastest bone growth rate, the largest calcium storage, and it is necessary to ensure calcium intake, but excessive calcium supplementation, repeated calcium supplementation, and large doses of vitamin D are not the correct science, which not only affects the appetite of children, but also prone to anorexia, Constipation and bloating, and may even develop stones.

  Although pre-adolescents and adolescents require more calcium than young children and preschool children, calcium supplementation alone does not significantly improve height, balanced nutrition, and reasonable exercise is the most effective and effective way to ensure children’s bone health.

  Is there a calcium deficiency after drinking the bone soup? Myth: My son is adolescent. Zhang’s mother decided to give her son more nutrition and add more calcium.

Every week, Ms. Zhang will stew big bone soup for her son, and think that if his son drinks more bone soup, there will be no calcium deficiency.

  Positive solution: Xin Bifen, a member of the expert advisory group of the Quanzhou Nutrition Society and a teacher of Quanzhou Normal University, reminded that the calcium in the bones would never easily dissolve out.
Some experiments have proved that after two hours of cooking in a pressure cooker, a small amount of microscopic surface has surfaced, but the calcium in the soup is still minimal.

Adding some vinegar when making bone soup can combine the calcium in bone with acetic acid to dissolve calcium acetate in water, which will help the precipitation of calcium.

Moreover, it is best not to use a pressure cooker or an aluminum pan when cooking, to avoid dissolving too much aluminum in the bone soup, it is best to stew with an casserole.

  Should my child have more calcium for my fracture? Misunderstanding: When a child falls and causes a fracture, my father and mother will buy a variety of calcium nutrients for the child to drink, and also stew the bone soup for the child. I think this can increase the calcium content in the bone. The child is so goodfast.

  Positive solution: Mr. Xin Bifen introduced that, in fact, the regeneration of bone after injury is mainly the role of metabolizing periosteum and bone. Periosteum and complications can only function better under the condition of increasing bone collagen.Calcium supplementation does not play a good role, and may even lead to high blood calcium and affect rehabilitation.

  The correct method is to stay in bed or increase functional exercise according to the doctor’s order. This can promote bone absorption of calcium and accelerate healing of the fracture site.

  In addition, bone soup has a certain usefulness for fracture rehabilitation, but a large amount of consumption may cause slight repetition and excessive heavy metals, so it is not recommended to drink more.

  Can simple calcium supplementation cure children’s calcium deficiency? Some parents take their child to the hospital for examination and find that the child is a little calcium-deficient, so they buy a lot of calcium tablets themselves to give their children a special supplement.

  Positive answer: Calcium supplementation alone (calcium foods) cannot treat children with calcium deficiency.

It was found that children can not only supplement calcium after calcium deficiency, but ignore the replacement of vitamin D, because most of the absorption of calcium can be completed with the assistance of vitamin D.

However, you should also be careful not to surround the other extreme, that is, excessive vitamin D, which may cause vitamin D accumulation poisoning.

  [How to make it right]Under the guidance of a doctor, many parents supplement their children with calcium, some more than the prescribed amount.

Dr. Huang Baiqing reminded parents and friends: “Don’t buy calcium supplements for your children casually, because the calcium supplement products on the surface of the city may add alternative ingredients, which may affect children’s health.

The correct way is to take your child to the doctor first, and the doctor will diagnose your child’s calcium deficiency and whether it is necessary to add calcium.

Calcium supplementation in children should be carried out under the guidance of a doctor after the diagnosis is confirmed.

“According to this introduction, children’s excessive calcium intake, externally affecting appetite, will inhibit the absorption of zinc, iron and other trace elements, affecting the child’s normal growth and development.

In addition, a large amount of calcium supplementation for a long period of time may lead to excessive blood calcium.

If too much calcium is deposited in the body, it can seriously cause organ calcification and affect organ function.

  Food supplement is better than medicine supplement Teacher Xin Bifen said that for children, calcium supplement is better than medicine supplement.

Milk and dairy products are the best sources of calcium; beans, nuts, green vegetables, and various types of seeds are also better sources, shrimp skins, sesame sauce, kelp, hairweed, laver, black fungus, crab meat, soy products, beansProducts, clams, etc. are high in calcium.

Therefore, we should try to improve the diet structure and use milk as a daily necessity to achieve the purpose of obtaining sufficient calcium from natural foods.

  Take milk (lactose intolerance for people with lactose intolerance), 120 mg of calcium per 100 grams of fresh milk. If you drink 250 grams of milk per person per day, you can provide 300 mg of calcium; 500 grams of milk per day, you canSupply 600 mg of calcium; add about 300 millimeters of calcium from other foods in the supplement to basically meet the body’s need for calcium.

  It should be noted that vitamin D, certain amino acids (such as lysine, arginine, tryptophan, etc.), lactose, and an appropriate calcium-phosphorus ratio will cause calcium absorption, while phytic acid, oxalic acid, and excess plasma fiber, Alkaline phosphate, excessive feces, certain antacids, tetracycline, heparin are not conducive to calcium absorption, excessive protein intake will reduce renal tubular reabsorption of calcium and increase calcium replacement.

Therefore, when eating foods rich in calcium, avoid excessive consumption of foods rich in phosphate, oxalic acid, and protein to avoid affecting the absorption of calcium.

  Calcium supplementation should not drink beverages Teacher Xin Bifen reminded children that carbonated beverages should not be taken while calcium supplementation.

When the carbon dioxide in the beverage is combined with the water in the blood, carbonic acid is produced.

And a large amount of cardiovascular in the blood will lead to acidosis, so that some of the calcium we get from food cannot be deposited on the bones, or simply “stolen” the calcium in our bones.

  Caffeine plasma in beverages removes sodium from proteins in the blood and also separates calcium ions together.

Another culprit is phosphate, which is a type of cola.

Studies have shown that if the proportion of phosphorus in the body far exceeds calcium, the calcium in the bones will be continuously lost.

How to remove wrinkles at the corners of the eyes and delay skin aging around the eyes

How to remove wrinkles at the corners of the eyes and delay skin aging around the eyes

With the increase of age, wrinkles will appear more or less around the eyes. Wrinkles are a female killer, and once the face value drops sharply.

Therefore, anti-wrinkle action is an urgent task. Come and reduce eye wrinkles!

  How to reduce eye wrinkles: finger massage a.

Use the index finger of one hand to spread the muscles of the eye bags under the middle finger, and massage the bags under the eyes with the other finger.

Use the index finger and middle finger of one hand to open the muscles of the eye end, and the middle finger of the other hand to gently twist the muscles of the eye end.

It is advisable to repeat 5 times a day 2 times.

Be speedy and not overweight.


Use the three long fingers of both hands to press 3 times below the eyebrows and 3 times below the eye sockets.

After 3-5 minutes, the eyes are exceptionally bright and can be done several times a day.

Long-term persistence can also help you wrinkle.

  How to reduce eye wrinkles: Eye movement is to strengthen the skin around the eyes and make it elastic. You can often do eye movements.

The eyeballs are continuously rotated up, down, left and right, or repositioned on your eyes when doing wavy movements continuously. Look down, left, right, and some postures must be held for 6 seconds.

Then close your eyes and shrink your face, keeping the position for 6 seconds.

Then open your eyes and raise your eyebrows for 6 seconds.

  How to reduce eye wrinkles: Drink coffee or tea. If you want to wrinkle, try drinking coffee.

In one study, researchers found that cocoa with high levels of two antioxidants (epicatechin and catechin) can protect the skin from local sun damage, improve blood flow to skin cells, help hydrate, and make the skin look and feel better.Skin is smooth, delicious and anti-wrinkle!

The benefits of tea are self-evident, the introduction of rich chemicals, regular drinking tea can help wrinkle the eyes and prevent a variety of skin diseases.

But don’t drink strong tea.

  How to reduce eye wrinkles: Keep sleeping on your back, do not stay up all night and often sleep sideways in one direction, which will cause wrinkles on your cheeks and chin. When you face down, your eyebrows will tighten and your wrinkles will appear.

So, go to wrinkle and stay on your back.

In addition, staying up late is definitely the enemy of the skin. It can make your skin grow faster at an incredible speed, so the duration of staying up late cannot exceed two days.

  How to reduce eye wrinkles: Apply eye cream to the delicate and skin-specific skin of the eyes. Do not use ordinary skin care products, otherwise there will be seeds.

Eye cream must choose to exclude oily, natural eye cream containing vitamin E.

Finger massage after applying eye cream for better results!

  How to reduce eye wrinkles: Diet and maintenance of trotters, pigskin, pork elbow, chicken skin, fish head soup and other collagen-supplemented foods and foods containing vitamin C can make cells fuller and replenish skin moisture to reduce fine linesMakes skin smooth and elastic.

  How to reduce eye wrinkles: Pay attention to daily protection first to avoid exposing to extreme ultraviolet radiation. Most of the generation or exacerbation of wrinkles and the loss of elasticity of eye skin are caused by sunlight.

Also, do not apply too much moisturizer too close to the eyes, as this will irritate the eye skin and cause puffiness.

Sweating woman is beautiful

Sweating woman is beautiful

Aerobics is a brand new concept of aerobics that combines standard club aerobics with modern pop dances. It will allow you to burn your aunt happily in a fairly relaxed state.

Comprehensive aerobics usually combines low-intensity, high-intensity aerobics and combat aerobics content (20 minutes each) for a total of 60 minutes.

  Fitness instructor Zhang Xiaoyi told reporters that the purpose of aerobic training is to increase lung capacity, promote the oxygen metabolism function of red blood cells in the body, and improve the body endurance of trainers while reducing body fat content.

The comprehensive aerobic exercise can mobilize the enthusiasm of the bodybuilder in a correct manner. Each exercise is maintained at about 15 minutes, and other exercises can be replaced according to the needs of the bodybuilder.

Heart rate during exercise is maintained at maximum heart rate (60%?
80%), so that the proportion of consumption of aunts will increase.

  The reporter learned that comprehensive aerobics has recently been popular among white-collar workers.

A fitness coach told reporters that the Internet has changed people’s lifestyles and brought new health risks.

Some military IT industry or workers who often face computers in the office are prone to suffer from different degrees of shoulder and back muscle soreness. If no measures are taken in time, it will easily lead to consequences.

Therefore, it is particularly beneficial for people to do aerobic exercises.

  The coach said that the advantage of aerobics is that it can exercise the heart and lungs, so that the cardiovascular system can more effectively and quickly transfer oxygen to each part of the body.

In addition, aerobics is more interesting than other sports, with simple movements, easy learning, clear music rhythm, regular physical pleasure and enhanced physical health effectiveness.

  In addition to strengthening physical fitness, aerobics can also become a social fashion.

Participants can not only meet like-minded friends, but also keep their spirits relaxed, energetic, and proud by exercise.

  What is aerobics?

  English “AEROBICS” means “aerobic” or “aerobic participation”.

In fact, aerobic exercise requires the participation of major muscle groups throughout the body, in addition to the main energy supply of oxygen, continuous exercise duration (generally greater than 12 minutes) and rhythmic exercise.

Aerobic exercise can exercise the heart and lungs, so that the cardiovascular system can more effectively and quickly transfer oxygen to every part of the body.

  Through regular aerobic exercise, a person’s heart will be healthier, and the stroke output will be a little bit. The oxygen supply of each part of the body will not require a lot of pulses.

A person with good aerobic fitness can participate in the high-intensity aerobic exercise of time, and his (her) exercise recovery is fast.

  Aerobics (aerobics) is aerobics with the characteristics of “aerobics”, that is, fitness exercises that can exercise the whole body with the accompaniment of music.

It must also be continuous for at least 12 minutes.

But radio exercises, work exercises are not aerobics (aerobics), they can only be regarded as aerobics.

The exercise effects of radio exercises and work exercises are far less effective than aerobic exercises.

  Notes for practicing aerobics 1.

Step by step.

  At the beginning, you should take steps to walk, so that the body and lower limbs have enough time to adjust.

Don’t do it too long at the beginning, 10 minutes is better.

  Before walking around, it is important to do warm-up and proper contraction exercises, especially moderate compression of the lower limbs.

When it is cold, warm up for a long time and wear more clothes.

Measure your pulse rate per minute before and after walking and record it for reference.

After long-term exercise, cardiopulmonary endurance will increase, heart rate will decrease, and heartbeat will return to normal faster after exercise.

  Beginners are recommended two or three times a week, every other day is appropriate.

Then you can increase the number of times until you feel the right amount. Never force it.


Hygiene and health.

  After the aerobics exercise, you should change your sweaty clothes in time to avoid getting cold. Especially after exercising in the air-conditioned room, you should do some local exercise before showering.

  People who often do aerobic exercises should pay attention to their feet and often fall toenails.
It is fatal to sweat in hot weather. The sweat is left in the toe seam and it is easy for bacteria to breed, so you should always keep your feet dry.

Appropriate clothing.

  When doing aerobics, you should wear aerobics that fit and sweat well, and do n’t wear ordinary leather shoes barefoot.

Fitness shoes should have thicker pads to reduce the shock caused by the impact of the foot on the ground.

The shoe body should not be too soft, and a half-height barrel can be used to protect foot replacement.

Wear a bra when doing exercises, and it is better to reset the supporting force.

Do not exercise too much during exercise.

Women who do not have exercise habits should not start doing aerobics during pregnancy.

Even women who have a basic aerobic training need to consult a doctor during this period to decide whether to continue aerobic training.

Traffic jam and exercise

Traffic jam and exercise

Absolutely, private cars are gradually spreading, and the health problems of motorists are also prominent.

Long-term sitting posture and skeletal movement can lead to cervical spine disease, lumbar disc herniation, lumbar muscle strain, knee injury, poor gastrointestinal symptoms, mental stress and other various “cheyou diseases”.

Drivers’ attention to health is imminent.

  In order to prevent “cheating people’s disease”, in addition to taking correct driving posture and paying attention to diet and living, the most important thing is to strengthen exercise.

Cars are often used for walking, and the joints of the neck, waist, and legs are reduced, and the cardiopulmonary is not exercised, and the body resistance will be reduced.

Therefore, the driving fitness of motorists should mainly improve the cardiopulmonary function, increase the strength of the legs and waist, and improve and maintain the normal physiological function of the spine.

  Drivers exercise at least 3 times a week for 30-60 minutes each time. Suitable sports include running, mountain climbing, swimming, rope skipping, various ball games, fitness equipment exercises, etc. Women can also choose yoga, Pilates,Aerobic exercises and other fitness methods.

When exercising, you can choose the appropriate exercise intensity and frequency according to your own situation. Exercise should be done step by step.

  Car household penetration is getting higher and higher, and traffic jams are inevitable.

The car is blocked on the road, which leads to irritability and cannot be overcome, it is better to use this gap to practice “in-car aerobics”: 1.

Spread shoulders: With your right hand relaxed and stretched to your chest, hold your right elbow with your left hand and gently pull it to the left for 5-10 seconds, changing to the other side.

You can also stand straight, lift your tibia behind your head, then hug your elbow with your hands, look down, and breathe deeply 5 times before returning to your original position.


Spread your back: Sit a little forward and let your body lean back as far as possible from your waist.

You can also stretch back, grab the back of the seat with both hands, lift your chest forward as much as possible, and tilt your face upward at a 45-degree angle, which can strengthen the strength of the back muscles.


Turn waist: Sit up straight, step on the sink, put your right hand on the steering wheel, put your left hand back on the backrest, use your belt to turn your body to the left, and then repeat the action by changing directions.

At the same time, you can also use the gap between the red lights to move the cervical spine, relax your arms, and let your body take a short rest.

  It must be reminded that continuous driving of the car should be avoided as much as possible. After driving for two hours, you must come down to rest and exercise to reduce the body load and avoid excessive fatigue.

Yoga 7 tips to make you thin from head to toe

Yoga 7 tips to make you thin from head to toe

Women always have an ambition: look at the face, glance at the clothes piled up in the closet, and leave harsh eyes to themselves.

Want the best cosmetics, the most effective body method.

Therefore, this ambition that changes with the seasons has almost become the mind of women around the world.

Yoga has finally made these beautiful things for women.

The following 7 yoga poses can make you thin from head to toe!

  First, the position targeted by the straight posture: thighs, hips, calves, arms, waist.

  Practice rules: 1.

Sit down, straighten your legs forward, bend your feet, hold your body, palm forward, and pull your body into a straight line.


Work hard to raise the stairs while straightening your arms and placing your feet against the ground.

Try to reach the ceiling with your knees, feel your legs and hips are very tight, keep this posture, and breathe deeply.

  Special Shape: This action can effectively tighten the thigh muscles.

When doing this, you can imagine your body like a long, straight stick.

  Second, the arched position is targeted at the entire hip, hamstring, abdomen, and waist.

  Practice rules: 1.

Sitting on the floor with both legs straight.

Bend your right leg and tighten it towards your hips as much as possible, so that your right foot is stepped close to the base of your left leg, and your body is a little side.


With your right hand around your right knee, try to grab your left hand behind you. At this time, use the power of your abdomen and waist and breathe deeply.


Try to keep your body straight and not bent.

After holding for a while, change to the other side.

  Special shape: Turn your arms behind and let your hands be stretched, which is very good for training the pectoral muscles.

In this movement, pay special attention to the abdomen to be hard, not to relax.

  Third, the L-shaped posture is targeted at the site: abdomen, waist, hips, back.

  Practice rules: 1.

Lie flat on your back, arms straight, shoulder-level, palms down, legs straight up.


Keep your head, arms, and the upper half of your back without leaving the cushion, slowly raise your legs, and then try to turn your body to align for a longer time, then exhale slowly, lower your legs slowly, still letLie firmly on the mat.

When the breathing is steady, then practice backwards to another option.

  Auxiliary exercises: By practicing the following auxiliary exercises, you can reduce stress, breathe evenly, and establish a good rhythm for your body.

Can you practice yoga at the same time as you practice 3 times a week?
4 times, as a supplement, they can make your transformation burn and get transformed.

  Special molding: In the process, tighten your abdomen at any time, borrow a little and arm strength, and never deceive yourself.

Heatstroke and Soothing Lily Must Be The First Choice

Heatstroke and Soothing Lily Must Be The First Choice

Summer heat, heatstroke can be achieved through diet.

  In our daily life, there are actually a lot of foods that can be used to eliminate summer heat, certain honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, etc.

In addition to food therapy to reduce heat, there are many foods that can naturally help you sunscreen, and can also prevent heatstroke indirectly.

  In the hot summer, you can make some dishes by yourself, which can not only entertain life but also adjust your body.

  Chinese herbal medicine chrysanthemums: sweet and bitter, slightly cold, returning to the lung and liver meridians, evacuation of wind and heat, clearing the liver and clearing eyes, pinggan detoxification, can cure wind and cold, headache and dizziness.

  Mulberry leaves: sweet and bitter, cold, returning to the lung and liver meridians, relieving lung heat, benefiting the sun, cooling the lungs, drying the wind, dispersing wind and heat, calming the liver and suppressing the sun, and clearing the eyes.

  Lotus root (raw): sweet and cold, returning to the spleen and stomach meridians, with heat-clearing and refreshing fluid, nourishing spleen, appetizing and antidiarrheal effects.

  Lotus root (ripe): sweet and warm, with stomach and spleen benefits, nourishing blood and nourishing benefits, suitable for lung cough, irritability and thirst, spleen deficiency and diarrhea.

  Lily: Qingre, Ningxin, soothe the nerves, lower fire qi, moisten lungs and relieve cough, dispel yin and poison. Dr. Wang said that this is a rare good care product in summer. She herself highly values edible lily.

  American ginseng powder: sweet, slightly bitter, returning to the heart, lung and kidney meridians, with the effects of nourishing qi and nourishing yin, and clearing away heat and fluids.

  Calendula: Qingrejieshu, moistening lungs and swallowing.

  Ingredients: sago, dried lily, rock sugar, carrot slices Usage: Take the food mentioned above and boil it with water at a ratio of 1: 5-1: 10 to make porridge.

  Role: clearing heat and reducing fire, strengthening the brain and soothe the nerves, and beauty.

  Child nutrition porridge materials: carrot flakes, sago, mung beans, lotus seeds, oatmeal, jujube, red beans, lily, wolfberry Use: directly boiled into porridge warm clothes.

  Function: Contains various vitamins, amino acids and trace elements required for human growth and development.

  Sugar-free health porridge materials: buckwheat, barley, oatmeal, Huaishan, pumpkin, wolfberry, mung bean, and rice.

  Usage: directly boil into porridge.

  Role: lower blood sugar, lower total cholesterol and triglycerides.

  Sunscreen food Many girls often apply a lot of sunscreen cosmetics. I don’t know that there is a more environmentally friendly and healthy way to help you sunscreen. Dr. Wang Tingting recommended these 6 types of food to everyone who wants whitening.


Eat fruits with high vitamin C every day: guava, kiwi, strawberry, virgin tomato or citrus.


Moderate intake of yellow-red fruits and vegetables: such as carrots, mangoes, tomatoes, tomatoes, papaya, and water spinach contain a large amount of carotene and other phytochemicals, which help to prevent oxidation and enhance skin resistance.

But don’t eat too much, otherwise the skin will turn yellow easily.


Eat soy products often: Isoflavones in soybeans are a phytoestrogen, and soybeans also have antioxidant properties.

Soymilk in soy products (suggested not to put sugar), tofu is a better choice, and other soy products convert more.


Nuts: Most of the vegetable oils in nuts are added with vitamin E, which can prevent oxidation and eliminate free radicals. You can also eat coarse grains such as cereals.


A cup of hot cocoa: Many scientific studies have shown that chocolate is a good food because chocolate is rich in a variety of antioxidants such as cocoa polyphenols, flavonoids, etc., which can be taken in moderation.


Drink two cups of tea a day.

American studies have pointed out that drinking green tea or using skin care products containing green tea ingredients can reduce skin sunburn caused by sun exposure, reduce overlapping and rough peroxides by one third, and you can drink 2-4 cups of tea a day.

Get up early and look in the mirror to see 5 places to check your health

Get up early and look in the mirror to see 5 places to check your health

Some signs of physical discomfort or illness can leave clues on our faces.

Therefore, looking in the mirror after morning is a healthy lifestyle. A closer look at the following places can help us discover some hidden health information.

  Looking at your forehead If you wake up in the morning for several days and notice that wrinkles on your forehead have increased, you should pay attention to it. You may have stayed up late recently and drink alcohol for entertainment.

Because increased forehead wrinkles may indicate an overload on the liver.

It is recommended that you stop smoking and limit alcohol immediately, eat less animal aunts, and drink more water.

  If you look at your eyes, if you wake up with dark circles and dark eyes, it means that your kidneys may be overburdened. It may be caused by eating too salty, too sweet, or drinking tea or coffee at night. If your eyelids are drooping on one side,May also be accompanied by speech insufficiency and arm weakness, it is necessary to be alert to stroke; if the eyes are covered with bloodshot blood, after removing the bloodshot caused by staying up late, consider irisitis or subconjunctival bleeding; if the eyelids are pale, it may be a sign of anemia, especiallyThe lower eyelid is pale, accompanied by dizziness and irritability, which may mean iron deficiency anemia. You should usually eat more red meat, beans, nuts and dark green leafy vegetables.

  Watching the nose woke up and found that the nose is red. It may be red bloodshot caused by eating too much sugar. You may wish to use nuts, fruits or yogurt instead of chocolate and candy. If the whole nose is red, it may be overloaded heart or smoking.You should immediately relax, quit smoking, and eat less of your aunt.

  Watch for cracks in the corners of your lips in the morning, be alert to iron deficiency anemia.

But gradually the anemia disappears, and the cracks will slowly recover.

  Looking at puffiness If you wake up in the morning and find facial puffiness, it may be that you have lost a lot of exercise recently, causing the internal blood and blood to run poorly, and you can’t expel excess water in time.

In addition, the emergence of edema should be alert to diseases such as hypothyroidism and mumps.

Top 10 reasons why you are older than others

Top 10 reasons why you are older than others

The years are quietly passing, and unwittingly, wrinkles crept up to your face, which is disturbing.

Even though the years are ruthless, please think carefully. Do you have any bad habits in order to give these wrinkles a chance?


hzh{display:none;}  其实,抗击衰老的最好方法就是做好预防衰老的工作。Developing good habits is essential. Avoiding these bad habits is the key to preventing aging.

  One of the causes of aging: frowning all day long, mediocre self-disturbance, putting “bitter melon face” every day causes skin cells to be deprived of nutrients, the skin of the skin is dry and wrinkled, and wrinkles deepen at the same time.

Smile, ten years less.

Emotional stability is very important for endocrine balance. A woman who is gentle and tolerant is very beautiful, but it is not just a psychological impression.

  The second reason for aging: staying up late staying up late is the enemy of skin care, lack of sleep, complications of various skin cell regulation activities, and affect the vitality of epidermal cells.

So you have to sleep at least 8 hours a day. If you fall below this level, you need to re-evaluate your health index.

Adequate sleep is easily manifested on the skin, especially the delicate eye skin.

A sweet good feeling can eliminate the fatigue of the skin, make the regulation of skin cells in a normal state, and delay the aging of the skin.

  The third cause of aging: Frequent exposure to ultraviolet rays that absorb too much sun damages a lot. It can make the skin darker and thicker, and it can cause skin cancer. Of course, it is also one of the culprits of premature skin aging.

Because direct sunlight will directly damage the skin’s deep elastic fibers and collagen, causing skin to become loose and dull, and wrinkles appear.

Therefore, develop a good habit of using high-quality sunscreen.

  The fourth cause of aging: smoking and drinking nicotine has a contraction effect on the skin and blood vessels, so smokers’ skin wrinkles will arrive 10 years earlier than non-smokers, so if you are a smoker, you will look 10 years older than your peers.

Drinking alcohol will reduce the amount of oil in the skin, improve skin dehydration, and indirectly affect the normal function of the skin.

  Five reasons for aging: facial expressions are too rich, often squinting, frowning, giggle, and frowning. These actions and expressions will increase the wrinkles on the face, so it is best to minimize facial actions and excessive expressions.

  Reasons for aging 6: Do not like drinking water. Water is the source of life.

Keeping your skin hydrated in time is the key to skincare.

Insufficient water intake will lead to insufficient oil secretion and skin will easily dehydrate, so you must force yourself to drink 6 to 8 glasses of water every day, but do not drink any caffeine drinks.

  Aging Reason # 7: It’s not good not to like sports.

A proper amount of exercise can promote the acceleration of blood circulation throughout the body, relax the body’s activity moderately, thereby enhancing the skin’s lubricity. It can also give the skin a lot of opportunities to sweat, keep the skin healthy and balance, and greatly reduce the chance of low skin aging.

Therefore, we must strengthen exercise.

  Cause of aging eight: incomplete makeup removal This is a mistake most people will make.

It is not possible to thoroughly cleanse the skin with just a facial cleanser.

You should do deep cleansing regularly to prevent dirt that is not visible to our eyes from clogging the pores and affecting the normal breathing of the skin.

  Reasons for aging IX: Don’t know your skin, do you really know your skin with proper skin care products?

Only when you really know your skin can you make the right choice.

Find a chance to do a skin test and learn more.

  Ten reasons for aging: Get close to irritating food, stay away from vitamins and hurry up the cliff!

Irritating foods, some spicy and deep-fried ones, are suitable for skin such as time bombs, fried products, and spicy foods. They will only reduce the amount of skin endocrine balance and reduce the chance of skin problems such as acne and oiliness.

The vitamins in fruits and vegetables are very good for the skin. Moreover, fruits and vegetables are not only delicious and pleasant, but also can be made into natural masks. The effect is very good, and it is also very interesting in life.

You need to plan your diet as soon as possible.