Long holiday diet meal National Day Mid-Autumn Festival

Long holiday diet meal National Day Mid-Autumn Festival

The long vacation recognizes that this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival is linked to the National Day, and the eight-day holiday can really be used.

You can take a vacation and leave, your weight loss plan must not stop by holiday.

Especially for those who like to eat and drink, to control the appetite does not hinder the development of a seven-day weight loss recipe for yourself, so that you can easily enjoy thinness during long holidays.

  The following small series will give women a long-term seven-day weight loss diet with carrots and cabbage as the main dish.

  The principle of weight loss: carrot: rich in carotene, and vitamins B1, B2, C, D, E, D, folic acid, calcium and dietary fiber, can improve metabolism, accelerate metabolic peristalsis, relieve toxins, treat constipation, diureticNaturally, your weight will decrease.

  Cabbage: Cabbage is rich in vitamin C and a large amount of fiber, which can clear away heat, relieve thirst and diuresis, and benefit the stomach and clear lung heat.

For the autumn caused by air dryness, excessive constipation.

  Breakfast on the first day: a glass of carrot juice lunch: a cabbage egg soup + one or two rice afternoon tea: an apple, a cup of lotus leaf tea dinner: a cabbage mixed, a cup of carrot juice an hour later breakfast: a cupCarrot juice lunch: a cabbage squid soup + one or two rice afternoon tea: a pear, a cup of lotus leaf tea dinner: a bowl of carrot porridge on the third day breakfast: a cup of carrot juice lunch: a cabbage mushroom soup + one or two rice afternoon tea:An apple, a cup of lotus leaf tea dinner: a bowl of carrot porridge

Climbing the stairs will surprise you

Climbing the stairs will surprise you

The latest statistics show that among the 20- to 69-year-olds in this city, the proportion of “sports population” is only 18.

9%, far below the national standard.

Sports experts believe that doing daily housework such as mopping the floor and climbing stairs can also achieve the amount of daily exercise required.

  How much is the amount of climbing stairs at a health and nutrition exhibition concurrently held at the International Conference on Health and Nutrition, a large number of citizens are eager to try the free online fitness assessment.

A male white-collar worker in his 30s refused: “I work in the IT industry and work overtime every day until 10 o’clock in the evening. Even if I hold a fitness annual card every year, I don’t need to use it several times a year.

“However, the field staff put forward another fact that proves that physical activity every night can also achieve the effect of exercise.

After the staff entered the data indicators of a male weighing 150 kg into the computer, they used the fitness method of climbing stairs every day, and each time they went up and down the stairs for 20 minutes each day, the computer immediately calculated the energy consumption of 202.

25 kcal.

  Professor Chen Peijie, Assistant Dean of the Shanghai Institute of Physical Education, said, “In general, the energy consumption of daily fitness activities is about 200 kcal, which can produce better fitness results. If you don’t go to the gym, you can just take the stairs.

“Mopping the floor and dancing ballroom dancing have better fitness results. The national” sports population “statistical standard survey of 3 times a week, 30 minutes each time, each time with a medium intensity calculation, among men aged 35 to 39 in this city,”The proportion of “sports population” is only 10%; among women before the age of 40, the proportion of “sports population” is only 7%; but among the elderly after 50 years old, the proportion of “sports population” is as high as 45%.

  Exercise is not a gym exercise. Many young people believe that exercise is a gym exercise, but this is a misunderstanding.

Professor Chen Peijie pointed out that in the United States, citizens walk to the supermarket to buy things, ride bicycles, the parking lot is 1 km away from the company, walk to the company after getting off the bus, and take the stairs without taking the elevator., The most common household chores in daily life is also a good exercise method.

  The reporter found on “Physique Online” that housework such as mopping the floor can be converted into daily physical activity to calculate whether the daily physical activity reaches the standard.

In addition, mopping the floor, mopping concrete or stone flooring is more laborious and mopping energy than mopping wooden floors.

In addition, ballroom dancing, Mulan boxing and other sports activities that integrate life are both fun and effective.

According to online evaluation, it is also a ballroom dance. A fast-paced dance can exercise cardiopulmonary function more than a slow-paced dance; men consume energy during the ballroom dance.

  It is not as good as many sports reporters now to understand that with the old age, nowadays, chronic diseases have become the main cause of death for urban and rural residents in China. In urban and rural areas, the proportion of deaths from chronic diseases has reached 85.

3% and 79.


Data from the Ministry of Health show that currently about 300 million people in China are overweight and obese, and there are no fewer than 30 years old who have “beer belly”.

Unreasonable pricing and insufficient physical activity are all risk factors for various chronic diseases.

In addition, the Asian sub-health population also accounts for about 70% of the national population.

  Professor Chen Peijie suggested that it is better to exercise more when you are young.

Citizens can calculate whether the daily exercise amount is up to standard according to the online fitness test.

If you are overweight or obese, you should also increase the amount of exercise appropriately and consume more than 400 kcal of energy per day. After your weight reaches the standard, maintain your daily fitness consumption at about 200 kcal.Increased thermal energy due to excess income.

  The “home gym” classic project Professor Zhang Chunhua, a postdoctoral fellow of the School of Sports Science, Shanghai Institute of Sport, advocates the concept of “home gym”.

Citizens can do some upper limb exercises while watching TV ads; do some bed exercises before getting up, just before going to bed; use the bars on the balcony to do some stretching and leg press exercises; wash your car and wax yourself;Push baby strollers, do parent-child games, etc.

Improper weight loss during menstruation or cause menstrual disorders

Improper weight loss during menstruation or cause menstrual disorders

When menstrual cramps, in addition to full rest, but also pay attention to nutrition, cold food such as ice, cold drinks, grapefruit, grapefruit, pear, watermelon, coconut, orange, tomato, mung bean, lotus root, cucumber, bitter gourd, loofah, melon,Chinese cabbage, white radish, etc., must be avoided or eaten as little as possible.

  Among the outpatients with “menstrual irregularities”, it was found that most of the young girls, a female patient controlled their weight through a specific diet, usually with high-pressure soup, aloe vera, melon, lettuce and other foods, the menstrual crampsDuring the period, the grapefruit diet was more effective.

  As a result, the patient found that the amount of menstruation decreased immediately and the blood color became darker. The second month was similar, and even the abdominal pain was uncomfortable, and the whole person was lost.

Before using this method to lose weight, most of these girls did not have a history of dysmenorrhea, and the cost was unpredictable.

Precautions When menstrual cramps, in addition to full rest, but also pay attention to nutrition, cold food such as ice, cold drinks, grapefruit, grapefruit, pear, watermelon, coconut, orange, tomato, mung bean, lotus root, cucumber, bitter gourd, loofah,Winter melon, Chinese cabbage, white radish, etc., should be avoided or eaten as little as possible.

Usually, after the combination of traditional Chinese medicine conditioning and food screening, the abdominal pain of these patients is improved.

  In addition to the specific diet weight loss method, short-term fasting method, slimming medicine slimming method, now popular is the Chinese side to lose weight.

The consequences are menstrual disorders, disrupting hormone secretion, and some people even lose weight.

The Asian Wall Street Journal recently reported that “not to be as thin as a muscle” seems to be the special psychology of the oriental women. In addition to the slimming method other than sports, there are people who try to “before and after”.

  This phenomenon was observed in outpatients.

In fact, eating less and moving is currently the only way to control weight, and shortcuts often tend to lose weight.

The regimen during the period is not difficult. For example, Western women like to take the opportunity to eat some chocolate. The Chinese long-standing longan red jujube soup, red bean soup, ginger and brown sugar are all good choices.

10 essential educational toys for infants

10 essential educational toys for infants

The normal development of each child is a systematic, complete and coordinated process.

Their words and deeds are formed in different living environments.

  Genetic factors, physiological factors, and social environmental factors are all important factors affecting children’s growth, and family factors are particularly important.

In family education, people often ignore the role of toys accompanying their children since childhood. If each parent can carefully select the ideal toy that suits his child, then the early intellectual development of the child will have a good effect.

  Here are 10 types of Qizhi toys suitable for all ages of babies and toddlers.


The ring ring 3 month baby can hold the ring ring in one hand to play.

They begin to experiment with tactile, sensory, visual or taste functions.

Try to touch it and experience how it feels on the hand; look at the various colors of the toy with your eyes; taste the taste of the toy with your mouth; shake the sound of the “ring ring” to train your baby’s hearing.

The simplest kind of toy is the first step for an infant to develop intelligence.


The 6-month baby is interested in everything that can move. The colored balls that can roll are the most inclined to them. They will roll forward when they push the ball. The baby is about to crawl and chase the small ball. If the mother can accompany themIt’s even better to play together.


The 8-month-old baby has made too many discoveries. They have known toys, furniture and other appliances. They have learned that some objects are soft, some are hard, some are angular, and some are round.

In the face of the building blocks, the baby will start to use two hands to make two blocks make a noise; one stacked on top of the other will be higher than a single block; and can also be stacked into many different shapes.


Compound shape box This is a toy used to train children to observe the shape of objects. Through this toy, children can recognize that a shape of an opening allows only the same shape of objects to pass through; understand the different shapes of daily necessities, and these 18 monthsSuitable for infants and young children.


All toddlers love to play with sand and water.

After 18 months, toddlers already know that they ca n’t just put anything in their mouths. At this time, they can provide various small tools, such as spades, handles, buckets, etc. to let them play the sand and let the children pile the sandStacked into various shapes to give full play to their creative ability.


The two-year-old baby of the doll has already begun to express his personality.

At this time they were able to express their likes and dislikes.

If there are doll toys, especially girls, they can treat the dolls like their mothers do, wash their faces, dress, feed, praise or blame them.


Stacking cups For a two-year-old child, stacking cup toys is the most endless game. It can be stacked into a tower or a single cup. Even small blocks or other small things are hidden in the stacking cup.Looking for something.

Through this kind of games, children can know that some things actually exist although they can’t see them.


Two-year-old children of picture books have seen some objects through their eyes, mouth, and hands. If they can find the things they know in picture books, how much fun it is!

Of course, parents can also teach their children to know more things through picture books.

Such paintings are of course simple lines and bright colors, and you can recognize what is at a glance.


By the end of the two-year-old toy car, young children can basically control all parts of their bodies. They can drive “cars”, they can drive fast, they can drive slowly, and they can also ride “big horses.

If the “car” can still carry some of their own small toys, and they can replace the transport driver, it will be a lot of fun.


Pulling animal toys Toddlers will be fascinated by pulling “animals” who can move.

They will slowly understand that this rope still has such a driving force, which is less enlightening than those electric toy cars using dry batteries.

Better not use a towel for a month

Better not use a towel for a month

Personal towels should be replaced after about 30 days. After washing your face and hands, wipe with a dry towel. Each person should have multiple towels.

Health care starts with the details.

  High-temperature cooking every month According to home textile experts, personal towels should be replaced in about 30 days, up to more than 40 days.

Otherwise, it is necessary to sterilize and soften the towels by cooking at high temperature.

Because the towel has been used for a long time, it becomes hard and uncomfortable. The most important thing is that it is infected with a lot of bacteria, which is harmful to the human body.

  The towel is made of pure cotton yarn. The cotton fiber has a tubular structure that can store water; its main chemical component, cellulose, contains a large number of hydrophilic genes and can absorb water.

This kind of moisture absorption and water storage performance of cotton yarn makes the towel feel comfortable, has strong decontamination ability, and can be washed and cleaned.

But it is precisely because of this characteristic that it provides convenient conditions for the growth of bacteria.

Bacteria like warm environments.

  The towel is inserted in a warm and humid state, and after a certain period of time, it becomes a paradise for breeding bacteria. In addition, oil, dust, impurities in the water, and bacteria in the air on the human skin are deposited on the towel., At least never cleansing effect, but will stain the skin and block pores.

Women who like makeup and children with fast metabolism have more oil on the skin, and towels are more likely to be infected, which is particularly harmful.

  When washing your face or bath, you should first wash off with shower gel and water, and then dry it with a dry towel. This can reduce the posture of human dirt on the towel.

Towels should be cleaned immediately after use, and boiled with boiling water for 10 minutes each week to sterilize. The place to be dried should be ventilated. It is best to dry or dry in time.

  Everyone should have multiple towels. Home textile experts say: The unscientific use of towels can affect health.

Especially in summer, it is advisable to have multiple towels per person.

Although the towel is small, it has to last a lifetime.

If there are a lot of bacteria and viruses in the towel, they will penetrate into the body through the senses and skin, affecting health.

  Scientific proof: coins, bedding, and towels are the three major indirect transmission vectors of infectious diseases.

Due to the influence of traditional living habits and consumption concepts, many consumers ignore the role of towels in health, and have continued some unscientific use methods: such as multiple towels for one person, multiple towels for one person, no break and replacement, repeated use, and no attentionTowels are hygienic and violate the dangers of counterfeit products.

Editor’s recommendation: the first choice of towels that cause indoor air pollution. When buying towels, you should try to buy them in large shopping malls, supermarkets or specialty stores, and choose products from the manufacturer.

Qualified towel products should have a standardized logo, and indicate the manufacturer, place of origin, telephone, trademark, implementation standards, washing methods, etc.

  In terms of hand feel, you should choose soft and fluffy towels.

Such towels are trying to be elastic and stick to the face, giving a soft and close-to-face feel. Towels should not be dry and hard, so as not to hurt the skin.

Generally speaking, high-quality towels are soft, fluffy and elastic.

To sleep well in the winter, we must first adjust the climate of the bed.

To sleep well in the winter, we must first adjust the “climate” of the bed.

Dormitory climate pays attention to modern medical meteorological research shows that temperature, humidity, light, etc. in the bedroom will affect sleep.
The average indoor temperature of most people is 20 ~ 23 ℃ when sleeping. People below 20 ℃ will curl their body and wrap the quilt tightly because of the cold, but they will kick the quilt if it exceeds 23 ℃.
Summer sleeping environment is most suitable in the range of room temperature 25 ~ 28 ℃ and humidity 50 ~ 70%.
  About one third of a person’s life is spent in sleep.
In addition to the quality and duration of sleep, it is also related to the “climate” of the bedroom and the bed.
Therefore, to sleep scientifically, you must also master the meteorology of sleeping.
  Dormitory climate pays attention to modern medical meteorological research shows that temperature, humidity, light, etc. in the bedroom will affect sleep.
The average indoor temperature of most people is 20 ~ 23 ℃ when sleeping. People below 20 ℃ will curl their body and wrap the quilt tightly because of the cold, but they will kick the quilt if it exceeds 23 ℃.
Summer sleeping environment is most suitable in the range of room temperature 25 ~ 28 ℃ and humidity 50 ~ 70%.
  The intensity of light in the bedroom also affects sleep.
It is difficult for people to fall asleep when the illumination is above 50 lux, of course, it is not good to be too dark.
The most suitable brightness for sleep is a wheel gallery that can clearly see the surrounding objects.
  The microclimate in the quilt. Although the quilt is small, it has its own temperature, humidity, and airflow.
Different “quilt microclimates” affect people’s sleep duration and sleep depth.
  The ability to fall asleep quickly is closely related to the temperature of the bed.
According to research, the quilt temperature is easy to fall asleep at 32 ~ 34 ℃.
The temperature of the quilt is low, and it takes a long time to warm up with body temperature, which not only consumes people’s thermal energy, but also the human body’s surface has to undergo a period of cold stimulation to excite the cerebral cortex, thereby delaying the time to fall asleep or causing deep sleep.
If you want to go to bed early and deep in winter, you can use an electric mattress or warm water bag to adjust the temperature in the bed.
  The relative humidity in the quilt is best kept at 50 ~ 60%.
Because the human body emits sweat during sleep, the bedding should be aired frequently to keep it dry.
  Then there is airflow.
The air flow in the quilt should have a certain speed. This requires that the quilt should not be ventilated everywhere, nor should it be covered too tightly, let alone cover your head to sleep.
The quilt should be light, warm and soft.
  In addition, winter sleep should pay attention to warm feet.
  In winter, some people always feel cold hands and feet, can’t sleep at night.
This is mainly because the temperature in the natural world is reduced and the yang is insufficient. The yang of the human body is also insufficient, and the body appears yang deficiency.
  In addition, because of the cold weather, the human body’s blood vessels will shrink and the ability to return blood will weaken, which will cause poor blood circulation in the hands and feet, especially the fingertips.
When you sleep, you feel cold, your brain is excited, and you have difficulty falling asleep.
Hereby, the worry-free sleep network gives everyone a few tricks to solve their troubles and easily fall asleep.
Wear more cotton shoes and less leather shoes in winter.
Cotton shoes are kept warm at a constant temperature, soft and comfortable, while leather shoes dissipate heat quickly, and leather is stiff, which is not conducive to keeping warm.
Hot foot bath before bed.
There are 36 acupoints on the human foot, which focus on the reflection areas and zones of the internal organs of the human body. They are closely related to the brain and organs.
Warm water bag.
Placing a warm water bag beside your feet while sleeping can not only increase the temperature, but also play a role in constant temperature, promote blood circulation in the feet, and improve sleep.  4.

Eat American Ginseng.

This is a good medicine to replenish qi.

Can be soaked in water alone.

Has a great effect on human body temperature.


Eat sesame and peanuts.

Eating sesame and peanut vitamin E and various nutrients can help the absorption of vitamin B and strengthen the nerve’s ability to fight cold.

Vitamin E also has the function of dilating blood vessels, which can strengthen blood circulation in children with limbs.


Eat onions, peppers, etc.

Eating onions and peppers can help your body produce foods that promote blood circulation.

Is it easier for beautiful people to make money?

Is it easier for beautiful people to make money?

Research by British scientists has found that: unattractive men earn 15% less than their handsome colleagues; secretarial secretaries earn 15% less than beautiful secretaries; short salespeople earn 1/4 less than taller ones.

It is reported that in Japan, South Korea and other countries, “renli capital” has been fully recognized.

  Of course, from a professional point of view, “renli capital” also contains more factors, such as professional image, personal temperament, etc., which together with education and ability to form a comprehensive quality.

Although “renli capital” is still a new term in China, in the job market, the appearance and temperament has an important influence on professional competition, but it is already a recognized fact.

Nowadays, more and more graduates are spending money to take job photos, make video resumes, and buy professional attire, all in order to improve the “renli capital”.

Liver Deficiency Nourishing Diet Therapy

Liver Deficiency Nourishing Diet Therapy

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the liver has the functions of storing blood, regulating blood volume, draining and regulating emotions.

Liver function is normal, the Qi machine is up, Qi and blood are peaceful, and the vitality is healthy; conversely, due to various pathogenic factors or aging, it can cause liver dysfunction, dizziness, numbness of the limbs, and joint weakness,Limb restraint, aspiration.

Can be divided into the following types: liver blood deficiency, liver yin deficiency, liver yang deficiency.

  The principle of nourishing the liver is based on the treatment based on syndrome differentiation, which can be used to nourish the liver yin, nourish the liver and nourish qi, nourish the liver and nourish blood, and soothe the liver and regulate qi.

  Nourishing liver yin medicinal diet-raw wolfberry shredded raw wolfberry, green bamboo shoots, 100 grams of cooked lard, 500 grams of lean pork, 30 grams of raw slices, sugar, soy sauce, salt, monosodium glutamate, sesame oil, cooking wine each amount.

  Production (1) Wash the lean pork and cut into long silk; cut green bamboo shoots into thin filaments; cut into shreds raw; and clean the wolfberries for later use.

  (2) Put the lard in the wok and heat, then add the pork, bamboo shoots, and raw shreds at the same time, fry the cooking wine, add sugar, soy sauce, salt, monosodium glutamate, stir in wolfberry, stir fryNext, drizzle with sesame oil and cook.

  Efficacy: nourishing yin and nourishing kidney, keeping eyesight in shape.

Suitable for liver and yin deficiency and weakness, fatigue, vision loss, dry eyes, hot hands and feet, night sweats, dry stool and other alternatives.

  Liver tonic and qi medicated diet-stewed coconut meat, wolfberry, chicken raw material 150 grams of coconut meat, 50 grams of Chinese wolfberry, black date, 200 grams of hen meat, salt, soy sauce, MSG amount.

  Production (1) Wash the coconut meat, cut into small pieces, squeeze the juice for use, and cut the chicken into small pieces.

  (2) Put chicken pieces, wolfberry and black dates into the casserole, pour the coconut juice, and add an appropriate amount of water.

First boil it with martial arts fire, and then slowly cook it with wenhuo fire. When the chicken is cooked, add salt, soy sauce and MSG.

  Benefits liver and kidney, nourish the spleen and stomach.

It is suitable for liver and stomach qi deficiency, fatigue and fatigue caused by insufficient liver and kidney essence and blood, lack of complexion, dizziness, waist and knee weakness, upset and thirst, loss of appetite, etc.

  Liver nourishing and nourishing medicinal diet-yam meat yam raw material yam, 50 grams each of black sesame, 400 grams of pork, 200 grams of caster sugar, 3 eggs, peanut oil, appropriate amount of refined salt.

  Production (1) The yam slices are crispy, ground finely, fried with black sesame seeds, and set aside.

  (2) Wash and cook the pork, soak it in cold water, cut into diced meat, stir the eggs, add yam powder, refined salt, wet starch, and evenly blend into a thick paste. Set aside.

  (3) Fill the bowl with diced meat, add the egg paste after mixing and sizing, and set aside.

  (4) Set the wok on medium heat and add peanut oil to the 80% heat. Use the chopsticks to fry the meat one by one, puff the pan, remove the corners, and re-fry together until the color is yellow.

  (5) Reset the wok on the fire, add a small amount of water and sugar, and when the sugar juice turns golden brown, add the fried meatballs, remove from the fire, sprinkle sesame seeds, and cool.

  Efficacy Ziyin blood, liver and kidney.

It is suitable for body weight loss caused by deficiency of liver, yin and blood, softness of waist and knees, dizziness, tinnitus, memory loss, dry skin and dry stool.

  Shugan qi medicated diet-Hehuahua steamed pork liver raw dried Hehuahua 10?
12 grams, pork liver 100?
150 grams, hydrochloride.

  Make the dried acacia flowers and put them in a dish, and soak them with water for 4?
After 6 hours, slice the pork liver into the same dish, add a small amount of salt, steam over water, and eat the liver.

  Efficacy Nourishing Yin and Liver.

It is suitable for scrotal swelling, abdominal pain, chest pain, irritability, dizziness and tinnitus.

Wash your face with a facial cleanser. Is it better to have more bubbles?


Wash your face with a facial cleanser. Is it better to have more bubbles?

For facial cleansers, some people prefer foamless ones, while others prefer foamy ones.

But most people still think that the more bubbles, the better. Is this true?

  First, what are the benefits of bubbles?

  If you wash your face without foaming, the more friction your hands will have on your skin, a sufficient amount of bubbles, dense and fine bubbles are very important for cleaning your face. The finer the bubbles, the deeper the bubbles will penetrate.Skin texture and pores, thoroughly wash away deep dirt.

  Second, is it good to have more bubbles when washing my face?

  The number of bubbles does not actually have a certain relationship with cleanliness. Some mild surfactants are really difficult to have bubbles, so you still have to judge your cleansing product based on your skin texture and product.Many foams may be related to soap properties or too strong surfactants, but may cause adverse effects on the skin.

  Third, how to properly use facial cleanser?

  1. The amount of facial cleansing product should be enough, about 10 yuan coin size; 2. The palm of the hand is slightly bent at 45 degrees, and air can come in to have a lot of bubbles;At this time, the bubbles are the most complete!

In addition to washing your face, you cannot ignore the maintenance after washing

Men practicing yoga benefit more health and improve sexual performance

Men practicing yoga benefit more health and improve sexual performance

Yoga makes men’s physiology very different. When a male friend told reporters that he even practiced yoga and lost nearly 10 pounds in two months, the reporter couldn’t help feeling frustrated.

  1. Men must also decompress: the original yoga practitioners were separated from society, climbing on the snow-capped mountains of the Himalayas, and meditating on the banks of the Ganges, just like the recluse yogis seen in the “Himalayan Star”

Since the beginning of the 20th century, people began to accept yoga for the human body, and then it began to spread in the world.

Modern fast-paced work and life, especially the society gives men more responsibilities and requirements. Men are accustomed to bear pressure and reduce the way of decompression. Any form of indulgence cannot make it possible to truly relax, but often even relax.Not anymore.

Those retreat yoga practitioners have no pressure, but the practice method is a good way to reduce stress in modern society. Yoga can improve the flexibility of the body, enhance coordination, increase agility, and shape rigid and flexible body lines.Cultivate elegant and noble masculinity.

Only a man who knows how to relieve his stress can know more about life and work.

  2. Fighting men’s health crisis: Men have a lot of health problems. Awareness of their own body, brain and bones, and physical problems are actually caused by overloaded stress. Without a calm brain, people are always stressed, peopleEmotions can be intense.

As the stress increases, the disease becomes more prominent.

Chronic stress is 6 times more likely to cause high blood pressure and cancer than risk factors such as smoking and high blood pressure.

The brain is one of the most important organs in the human body. When the brain is fatigued, many functions are affected.

The great benefit of yoga is that it can help brain waves return to a calm state, reduce the role of parasympathetic nerves, restore a state of energy, and fight against various health crises.

  3. Enhancing Men’s Sexual Ability: The British singer Sting once said that he could have sex with his wife continuously for up to 5 hours. According to him, he claimed to rely on the effects of practicing yoga every day.

Do not misunderstand that yoga can help men improve sexual function, this utilitarian idea will distort the benefits of yoga to the body.

The benefits of practicing yoga for men’s sexual abilities are natural. The biggest benefit is not the lengthening of time and the improvement of abilities, but helping the practitioner to enhance the physical sensation, extend the sexual pleasure and achieve a higher sexual arousal state.

If they can continue to practice, women can increase their chances of getting double orgasms, and both men and women can lead orgasms to various parts of the body.

  4, shape bodybuilding, elegant body: Men do not pay attention to their body shape like women. After 30 years of age, the proportion of men is very high, and the consequent diseases are a lot of dangers. Practicing yoga can reduce excess meat in body parts.Slight has a special effect, increases the flexibility of the body, and can help men maintain their normal body shape.

Unlike other sports, yoga is a comprehensive system that embraces the body, brain, and spirit.

Yoga is the foundation of other sports. Many sports stars, such as baseball catcher Barry Zito, and running back EddieGeorge, etc., use yoga to maintain their best physical condition. NBA Grey Wolf’s most valuable player, JanetteBe sure to practice yoga breathing before each game.

Yoga exercises are not contradictory to other sports and can also increase the effectiveness of other sports.

  5. Wisdom in the workplace: Having a relaxed brain and body is the nature of human nature. It helps to release various energy by reducing the pressure on the body and brain.

Breathing exercises in yoga can help you control your brain, achieve peace and tranquility, improve your concentration and clear thinking.

Practicing yoga can make your life very regular and improve efficiency.

When people are busy, their thoughts are often chaotic. People need a little time to calm down and think every day. Many important things will float out. Unimportant things will sink. People are often indistinguishable when they are busy. Only when they are calm.Only when you increase your acuity of intuition can you increase your acuity by practicing yoga and let you know what is most important.

Working in the workplace is always like the New York Stock Exchange. It is always full of stress. Yoga can increase sensitivity and insight, and make decision-making and judgment more wise.

After practicing yoga, energy will be abundant and work efficiency will be very high.

  6. Gain a deep, lasting, and satisfying sense of happiness: For a person suffering from torment in the desert and on the verge of death, a drop or two of water can not relieve his thirst, and likewise, get extreme from sensory enjoymentLimited happiness cannot be fulfilled.

Modern people are constantly pursuing love, success, and happiness, but the happiness and feelings around them are disrupted and ignored by our chaotic thoughts, becoming blurred, and the heart will never worry and be restless.

The small amount of happiness that you gain from your senses is completely worthless. The pain caused by the pursuit of this happiness has unfortunately replaced this little happiness.

Yoga can give people a deep, lasting and satisfying happiness, and the world around them becomes sunny and harmonious. You will learn what is most important to you.