[How to cook the ground sesame paste]_Cooking method_How to cook

[How to cook the ground sesame paste]_Cooking method_How to cook

Everyone knows that sesame blooms and grows high. The taste of sesame is very fragrant. Its shape is segmented, so it is very difficult to take care of sesame. Sesame can even be used as a seasoning and can be madeDeep-fried into sesame oil, some people reconstitute sesame to make sesame paste. The taste is particularly fragrant when eating. So how can the cooked sesame paste be delicious?

Steps: first fry the black sesame seeds.

The black sesame was pulverized with a dry mill.

Stir-fry the glutinous rice noodles, just a little yellow.

Mix the ground black sesame and glutinous rice flour.

After cooling, put it in a box and keep it sealed.

When eating, first use cold water to make a paste, then pour in the water and stir, (the amount of sesame paste and the amount of water are based on personal preference).

Remember to add sugar before you eat it, but you can also eat it without sugar.

Note: Pay special attention when frying sesame seeds.

Introduction of ground sesame paste: According to Chinese medicine, black enters the kidney, so eating more black sesame, black beans, black rice and the like is a good way to nourish the kidney.

The sesame paste will be sticky mainly because of glutinous rice, so it must be there.

Quasi black sesame, black rice, and glutinous rice, according to a ratio of 5: 1: 1.

Ingredients and seasonings for raw ground sesame paste: Black sesame, black rice, glutinous rice granulated sugar is a common practice of raw ground sesame paste. How to make a good meal of the raw milled sesame paste for dessert, black sesame, black rice, glutinous rice are washed and dried.
2. Put black sesame, black rice and glutinous rice into the wok separately and cook over low heat.

Third, the sign that the black sesame is ripe is the taste, and you can smell the scent of sesame.

Or you can buy cooked sesame in the supermarket.

Fourth, the black rice is cooked. This is not very easy to observe. You can fry for about 10 minutes with minimal fire.

Fifth, the glutinous rice is cooked, and it is just fine to see the glutinous rice change slightly.

6. Put the three kinds of fried materials into a blender and use a dry mill to grind them into powder.

Seven, after grinding, add sugar, mix well, and then pour in boiling water, you can create a bowl of black sesame paste.

Home-style food tips: When you eat, mix flour and sugar first, and then flush the water to ensure that there is no flour ball.

[Lazy Dragon’s Common Practice]

[Lazy Dragon’s Common Practice]

The name lazy dragon easily gives us an illusion that this is an animal, or a painting that depicts a lazy dragon.

Few people directly say that lazy dragon is a food to eat together.

The lazy dragon is flour flour. The origin of its name is because the lazy dragon was eaten on February 2nd, the day the dragon looked up.

The lazy dragon looks like Hanamaki, but it has more fillings than Hanamaki.

What is the common practice of Lazy Dragon?

Lazy dragons, folk food customs, are similar to pasta like flowers rolls.

On February 2nd, every household had to eat lazy dragons. According to legend, eating lazy dragons can relieve spring lazy dragons.

The so-called lazy dragon is a long roll of steamed noodles. The method is to roll the noodles into thin slices, put the sweet meat stuffing, and roll them into strips.Cut it open and the family eats it.

In Sichuan dialect, lazy dragon refers to a lazy man.

Why eat “lazy dragon”?

After the horror, everyone is about to run around for the new year. Legend has it that “lazy dragons” can relieve spring laziness.

In addition, the so-called startle refers to the recovery of hibernating animals such as bugs.

Therefore, the common people will drive away the pests on this day and get rid of the pests in the newly waking home.

The production method is a long roll of steamed noodles. The method is to roll the noodles into thin pieces, put the meat on the dough, and roll them into strips. Place them in a cage drawer and cut them after steaming.The family eats it.
Difficulty: Side dishes (Intermediate) Time: 30-45 minutes Ingredients: self-made powder 250g pork filling 600g baking powder 2g sugar 1t salt 1t chicken essence 1t white pepper 1t spice powder 1/2 tsp Lee Kum Kee soy sauce 2spoon fresh redRoasted soy sauce 3 tablespoons Meiji umami sauce half a spoon Shi Yunsheng concentrated chicken juice 8g sweet noodle sauce one spoon ginger powder one spoon hemp water (pepper water) 5 spoon onion oil 1 spoon garlic oil 1 spoon sesame oil 1 spoon green onion 1 egg 2 oldBeijing lazy dragon (meat dragon) practice step 1.

Flour, sugar, baking powder mix.
Add warm water.

This is the easiest combination!

Stir into a snowflake shape with chopsticks, pour it on the chopping board, and knead.
Must knead for more than 8 minutes.

Knead until the surface is smooth, cover and ferment to 2 times the size, it takes about 1 hour!


Prepare meat!

① Put all the powder and water-based seasonings in, and pour in the peppercorn water in batches and beat in one direction!

② Add the chopped green onions ③ Finally add all the oil seasonings (scallion oil, garlic oil, sesame oil) to lock the moisture!


Cut it in half and knead it so that you can’t knead it too much, otherwise the surface will not be soft.

Use a rolling mill to roll out the dough into attachment 5.

Add the right amount of meat filling 6.

Spread evenly.

Roll up a little, seal, and set aside for 30 minutes, so that the steamed meat noodles will be softened.

Roast the meat dragon for 15 minutes and start boiling water in the steamer. After boiling, put on the broiled dragon and steam for 20 minutes on high heat.


Do not lift the lid immediately after steaming, and wait 5 minutes.

This picture is the consequence of turning on the pot immediately, and the face is somewhat retracted.


Put a little bit and cut into sections.

The fragrant old Beijing meat dragon is ready?

Also go with gruel and pickles to relieve tiredness!

[Is vinegar acidic or alkaline]_Recommended diet


Is it far from canceling the benchmark lending rate after the LPR reform?

Is it far from canceling the benchmark lending rate after the LPR reform?

On August 20, the new LPR (loan market quoted interest rate) price was officially released.

In more than a month, the first single credit asset-backed securities (ABS) linked to LPR (loan quoted interest rate) also appeared before the holiday.

The issuance of this product realizes the pricing mechanism of LPR linked to the average price of the asset side and the securities side, which can play the role of credit asset securitization to eliminate the function of “value discovery” and reverse the process of interest rate marketization.

In this issue, the chief economist of Founder Securities (right protection) believes that in the future, various financial assets will gradually be transformed into MLF to LPR as the new benchmark.

Taking LPR as the anchor means gradually achieving higher efficiency and flexibility to influence the pricing of financial assets through open market operations, and the goal of opening up the monetary policy replacement mechanism will also be gradually realized, which is perfect for the improvement of the monetary policy decision mechanism andOptimization has profound implications.

  How effective is the LPR reform?

What is the significance of the advent of the first LPR-linked credit asset-backed securities for the further advancement of LPR reform and interest rate liberalization reform?

What are the expectations for MLF’s future cuts?

What kind of logic does the idea of monetary policy decision-making mechanism promote and reform?

Chief countermeasures This issue talks to Founder Securities chief economist color.

  The main point of color: The progress of LPR reform is generally in line with expectations. The entire conversion process is relatively smooth and stable. The long-term downward adjustment of LPR will be a more obvious trend.

  In the future, budget loans will gradually shift to using LPR as an anchor, which is an important step to open up the conversion mechanism. In the following year, it is hoped that the benchmark interest rate for loans will be gradually cancelled.

  MLF operations are normalized.

LPR is quoted monthly, and MLF can also be operated monthly to set the tone for LPR.

In this case, the MLF interest rate may still be reduced during the year.

  The long-term gradual downward adjustment of LPR is a more certain trend. Finance and Economics: We have seen that the reform of LPR has reached the full moon, and the price has also been adjusted during this period. How do you think the effect of this month?

  Color: I think the price of LPR has actually been quoted twice since the first reform on August 20, and each time it has been slightly reduced.

In general, I think that the reform of LPR is mainly related to the interest rate of incremental loans, so it is generally consistent with what is expected, and the entire conversion process is relatively smooth and stable.

In the future, LPR is mainly in the trend of tight and loose overall liquidity. So last month, it was mainly because of our overall reduction plus directional reduction, so there was a certain financing cost.The downward adjustment of LPR is also reflected in LPR, so in the future, monetary policy will generally be loose or tight, and it will affect LPR in general. I think that LPR is gradually reduced in the long run. This is a relatively certain trend.
  The first ABS linked to the LPR came out with higher interest rates. The first financial and economics: During the reform of the LPR, the first credit asset-backed securities have also come out, which means that both the asset side and the securities side have begun to communicate with LPR.How is pricing linked? What is its significance and far-reaching impact?

  Color: I think its meaning and impact are more in line with our overall monetary policy, which is a direction of interest rate liberalization reform.

Once the successful transformation, I think the pricing of various financial assets should be gradually determined as the LPR anchor. I want the asset securitization products to be based on his pricing. I think this is in line with the general monetary policy direction, that is, pricing marketization.Direction.

I think its far-reaching significance is that it will no longer be a loan in the future, but also a short-term one-year or three-year term, including housing loans.

We know that the mortgage has been converted to LPR on October 8th. In the future, various financial assets will gradually become MLF to LPR as the new so-called benchmark, which means that in the future, it can be more efficient and more flexible.Through the adjustment of open market operations and MLF interest rates, it can directly affect the pricing of financial assets in financial markets. Therefore, we repeatedly announced the exchange rate mechanism to open up monetary policy. I think this goal will be gradually achieved.Far-reaching.

  LPR reform effectively achieves the goal of structural monetary policy. First fiscal: During the LPR reform process, we also conducted a RRR cut. How do we look at the relationship between the current RRR cut and the LPR, and then there are many problems that cannot be solved by targeted RRR cuts?Can LPR solve it?

What is the optimal combination of each next?

  Color: From some of our previous directional reduction operations, it was for some private small and micro enterprises (enterprises) or for some rural commercial banks in some places. It has two purposes in it.

The first is for some industries, industries, and regions that we urgently need to support. We need to give some financial policies, especially funds, some key support and support.

The other is to deal with some relatively significant financial shocks, so it is a guiding ideology that mainly reflects a structural monetary policy.

I think these two are definitely not conflicts in the first place.

The LPR itself is a comprehensive cost reflected. It is more affected by this overall level reduction. The overall level reduction will provide more liquidity, and more liquidity, because we know that gradually gettingRelatively speaking, the cost of liquidity will be relatively low, so in general, it will definitely be affected by the corresponding LPR, that is, driving the gradual decline of LPR, if we say that we will reduce the overall level.

The targeted reduction will be reflected on the interest rate of some customers, that is, the LPR will be increased. How much will this increase?

If we say that the directional downgrade has a specific liquidity for certain types of industries, this arrangement will be reflected on the point, so the ultimate purpose is to replace the interest rate from LPR to the terminal, so we think it isA rich and abundant toolbox embodying monetary policy is certainly not contradictory.

And after the LPR reform, I think it will be more helpful to structural monetary policy. It can also be said that targeted reductions can achieve its policy-making goals.

  LPR just determines the optimal loan interest rate. The first fiscal: There is a voice in the market that the LPR reform is a pricing method, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, it may not necessarily reduce their loan interest rates. What do you think about this?That saying?

  Color: LPR reform is a reform of the policy framework. He did not say who must be lowered or who must be improved.

In other words, after we established such an asynchronous mechanism, let’s be straightforward, that is, if we respond to the needs of the macro economy, we will be more efficient if we want to rise, and we will be more efficient if we want to lower.drop.

Therefore, it does not mean that we must drop or rise. Under the current economic situation, generally speaking, LPR goes down and gradually adjusts downward. This is the current situation.After we established this framework, if we say that our economic rebound is relatively strong, we may also say the opposite operation, which is the first.

Second, the definition of LPR is the optimal loan interest rate. The optimal debt interest rate means the interest rate of the customer of your highest quality. The other customers actually reflect a risk premium, which is the plus point on the LPR.
If you speak from the theoretical definition, of course, it may not necessarily say that the LPR will decrease, and the small and medium micro (loan interest rate) will necessarily decrease. No one can guarantee this, because the core of our interest rate marketization is that the bank must base its riskAssess the situation, then make a risk assessment of these companies, and then have a market-based pricing.

So what do you mean by the cost of interest rates for SMEs?

Certainly the bank will make an assessment, but it is said that it will be mainly reflected in the plus point, but if the cardinal number has been adjusted downwards, in general, I think that it is definitely statistically significant, and it will definitely help small, medium and micro enterprises.Companies can gradually reduce other financing costs. Of course, it is specific to each company. Because LPR only determines the optimal loan rate, it 深圳桑拿网 cannot be said that it is necessary to reduce it for each company, but I think it is statistically significant orFrom a trend perspective, it definitely helps it reduce its financing costs.

  MLF interest rate will be reduced before the end of the first financial: LPR pay attention to MLF, you have previously predicted that MLF may be greatly reduced. At present, depending on the current economic situation and the trend of countercyclical policies, you think it is likely to be reducedIs it still possible?

  Color: First of all, I will correct it. I did not explain the downward adjustment. I mean there will be a downward adjustment.

And I still think this view, I think the MLF interest rate will still be reduced before the end of this year.

I think the range of MLF interest rates is much higher than before, because I think that MLF itself is a product of open market 上海夜网论坛 operations, and in addition to it, it actually leads to the role of basic interest rates.Benchmark (benchmark) So when LPR just started quoting, I think that LPR should be allowed to report twice, two or three times, and then see how the overall reforms run in, and we did passIn this way, it is possible to keep the MLF and then lower the LPR.

In this case, I think we can take a look at the final and overall operating conditions of LPR and the market’s response before making a decision.

Therefore, I have no expectation that the MLF interest rate will remain unchanged in September.

We are also facing the goal of achieving two doublings next year, and we feel that the overall call for and looser policies and expectations are getting higher and higher.

In addition, statutory fiscal policies are exerting force, but it may take time to really affect the economy.

Therefore, I feel that under the current steady growth pressure, monetary policy may still need to be adjusted accordingly. I think the countercyclical adjustment needs to be strengthened.

  In this case, I think the first is that MLF operations will be normalized.

I mean, now MLF is basically one year.

But I do n’t think it may be a simple sequel to the situation last year after the reform. I think that this overall structure may be adjusted to, because you are now quoted on the LPR on the 20th of each month, I think it is possible.

In theory, if LPR is quoted every month, I think MLF should also be done every month, and then quoted every month. In this case, he will set the tone for LPR, so I think that every month MLF hasOpportunity for a downward adjustment, and I think the MLF interest rate should be lowered in this case.

  As early as next year, it is hoped that the benchmark interest rate of the first loan will be canceled: how can we grind a logic for advancing and reforming our current monetary policy decision mechanism?

  Color: I think the LPR reform is a particularly important step because of the weak legal system of currency.

It is to open up such a mechanism. In the past, you did not use these amplifiers because the benchmark interest rate was stuck there.

In the future, it will gradually gradually re-anchor the existing loans to LPR. I may think that there should be hope next year, that is, we may think that the benchmark interest rate of loans will be gradually phased out, so I think that the interest rate will be marketizedIt is high, it should be said to be basically completed.

  Stimulating consumption is the breakthrough. The overall environment next year will be relatively improved. First Financial: What do you think of the upcoming third quarter data, including the next four quarters and the economic situation that will follow?

  Color: I think it may be in the fourth quarter, it may be in 6.

A figure of around 0%, a figure realized in the course of such an overall international environment and a domestic transformation, I think if it is at 6.

0% to 6.

Between 5%, it will basically be within our controllable range, the economy will be operating within a stable and reasonable range, and our macro policies will also make corresponding choices.

I think that with regard to the incentives for consumption, we think that there will be more measures to stimulate the vitality of consumption. This is the first and second. These fiscal policies that I just said will gradually develop their strength, and monetary policies will be preferred first.Soon if he does it, he will be executed immediately, so I think it will still be a relatively progressive process.

So I think we can stabilize GDP at 6 in this environment.

Above 0%, I think it belongs to a stable and reasonable range.

I think the overall global environment will improve next year, and I am actually relatively optimistic next year.

Dataport (603881): CAPEX continues to improve and lay a solid foundation for growth

Dataport (603881): CAPEX continues to improve and lay a solid foundation for growth

Q3 performance improvement; Capex continued to improve, consolidating the foundation for growth. The company’s Q3 performance improved due to the switching of 185 computer room customers and the increase in financial costs.

6.9 billion (0% YoY).

74%); net profit attributable to mothers reached 24.35 million (-19% year-on-year.

36%), slightly below our expectations.

We believe the company is the beneficiary of the release of demand for Ali data centers, and new projects are accelerating.

We believe that the EV / EBITDA estimation method can better reflect the true operating conditions of the company’s business. We expect the company’s 19?
The 21-year EBITDA is 3.



7.5 billion, referring to the US stock data center estimation method, considering the company’s 19?
21-year EBITDA 32.

8% compound growth rate and entering the fourth quarter is expected to welcome the expected conversion, we give the company 2020 EV / EBITDA20x?
23x, corresponding to a target price of 39.

10 yuan?

46 yuan to maintain the “overweight” level.

  Customer switching and growth in financial expenses dragged down Q3 performance. Company Q3 achieved revenue1.

6.9 billion, a decline of 0 every year.


Affected by the adjustment of the end customer’s business, the company’s Hangzhou 185 computer room began customer switching in Q3. We expect this will cause Q3 revenue to decrease by 24.1 million yuan compared to normal conditions. We believe that customer replacement is normal.The location is good, and the new customer switch is expected to be completed quickly.

We expect non-185 projects to contribute 1 in Q3.

5.7 billion, an increase of 17 compared with the third quarter of last year.

2%, showing that the company’s Q3 other computer room counters maintained a steady growth.

In 北京夜网 terms of net profit, Q3 achieved a net profit of 24.35 million, a decrease of 19 per year.

36%, mainly due to the company’s increased project construction and increased budget and financial costs.

Q3’s financial expenses reached 14.66 million, an increase of 9.06 million per year.

  Q3 gross profit margin increased QoQ, Q3 net cash flow improved Q3 comprehensive gross profit margin was 37.

83%, the steadily increasing listing rate has promoted the company’s Q3 gross profit margin extension and chain growth have improved.

Q3 Operating Expenses (Sales Expenses + Management Expenses + R & D Expenses) Expenses 14.

4%, a slight increase every year.

In terms of cash flow, the company’s operating net cash flow for Q3 was.

5.4 billion, an increase of 109%, and a significant increase of 894%.

  Capex continues to improve and consolidate the basic infrastructure. For basic data center business, customer demand is relatively determined. The growth of the business mainly comes from the expansion of scale. Capital expenditure is a leading indicator of the company’s business growth.

In the first three quarters of 2019, the company’s capital expenditures continued to increase sequentially, and the capital expenditures in each quarter were 1.



2.3 billion.

The company has successively won bids for Ali data center orders since last year. We believe that entering the new project construction phase in 2019 will drive capital expenditure to increase and lay a solid foundation for future growth.
  Investment suggestions We believe that the company is a beneficiary of the release of demand for Ali data centers. Since this year, the company has actively promoted the construction of new projects.

We believe that the EV / EBITDA estimation method can better reflect the true operating conditions of the company’s business. We expect the company’s 19?
The 21-year EBITDA is 3.


7.5 billion, referring to the US stock data center estimation method, considering the company’s 19?
21-year EBITDA 32.

8% compound growth rate and entering the fourth quarter is expected to welcome the expected conversion, we give the company 2020 EV / EBITDA20x?
23x, corresponding to a target price of 39.

10 yuan?

46 yuan to maintain the “overweight” level.

  Risk Warning: Customers come to the counter faster than expected.

Rongbai Technology (688005): China’s leading ternary short-term material manufacturer

Rongbai Technology (688005): China’s leading ternary short-term material manufacturer

Main point of view: The current public offering situation: The company intends to publicly issue no more than 45 million RMB ordinary shares (A shares) this time. The scale of the raised funds will be determined based on the actual number of issuance and the issue price.Base (Phase 1) project and supplementary working capital, of which $ 1.2 billion was used for the 2025 Power Lithium Battery Materials Comprehensive Base (Phase 1) project to expand the company’s precursor production capacity, and 400 million yuan was used to supplement working capital.

Company profile: The company is a multinational group company specializing in the research and development and operation of military lithium battery transition materials.

The company achieves profit mainly through research and development, manufacturing and sales of ternary transition materials and their precursors.

The company’s main products include NCM523, NCM622, NCM811, NCA and other series of ternary subdivided materials and their precursors. Product categories These customer-leading high-energy density batteries are mainly used in new energy vehicles, energy storage equipment, and electronic products.Downstream areas.

The company’s ternary alkaline material production capacity is in the first echelon in China, and its main customers include Ningde Times, BYD, LG Chemical and other well-known large-scale lithium battery manufacturers at home and abroad.

The company has international leading core technology and is the first large-scale high-nickel NCM811 mass production enterprise in China.

Revenue and net profit maintained rapid growth, and gross margin was relatively low.

From 2016 to 2018, the company’s ternary battery materials business and precursor business revenue accounted for about 98%, 88,098 in turn.

960,000 yuan, 186,618.

590,000 yuan and 299,207.

420,000 yuan, the annual growth in 2017 and 2018 were 111.

83% vs. 60.

33%; Net profit after deductions from 2016 to 2018 was 1,144 in turn.

170,000 yuan, 9,164.

130,000 yuan and 20,270.

640,000 yuan, the annual growth in 2017 and 2018 was 700.

94% and 121.

20%, with high growth.

In terms of gross sales margin and net profit margin, the company’s gross sales margin from 2016 to 2018 were 12 respectively.

1%, 14.

81% and 16.

62%, net sales margins are 0.

63%, 1.

45% and 6.

94%, compared with its counterpart company Shanshan, Dangsheng Technology, GEM’s gross profit margin is relatively low.

Ternary batteries have become the future trend.

By 2018, the total output value of the lithium battery battery material market has reached 53.5 billion US dollars, which is constantly growing.


At present, the market scale of NCM ternary-scale materials is showing rapid growth. It is expected that the market size of NCM ternary-scale materials will exceed 30 billion yuan by 2019, and by 2023, the market scale of NCM ternary-scale materials is estimated to exceed 80 billion.

Profit forecast and company estimate: The company’s revenue from 2019 to 2021 is expected to be 48.

6.6 billion, 63.

25 ppm and 75.

900 million, net profit is 3.

7.6 billion,武汉夜生活网 5.

200 million and 6.

According to the company’s successful issuance of 45 million new shares, the company’s total issued share capital is 44328.

570,000 shares, corresponding to 0 to 2019 EPS.

96 yuan, 1.33 yuan and 1.

66 yuan, with reference to comparable companies estimating the current average PE and PE range[12?
26 times], and the premium space brought by the new shares of science and technology board, give the company 20?
A 30-fold increase corresponds to a reasonable interval of[19.

2 yuan?

8 yuan].

Risk warning: Macroeconomic downturn, sales of new energy vehicles are less than expected, and fundraising projects are not up to expectations.

Husbands and wives often dream in the same bed experts explain different reasons for men and women’s dreams

Husbands and wives often “dream in the same bed” experts explain different reasons for men and women’s dreams

Some people have changed their lives because of a dream, some people have completed scientific inventions under the guidance of dreams, some people have dreams to foresee their destiny . Dreams are closely related to life. One of the interesting phenomena is that no matter how close the relationship between husband and wife is in life,In the night, “different dreams in the same bed.”
A survey of men and women’s dreams in the latest issue of Psychology Today in Germany shows that men and women’s dreams reflect the essential characteristics of both sexes: men’s dreams are more violent and sexual, and women’s dreams are more and more complicatedRelated to life.
  ”Psychology Today” magazine commissioned relevant research departments to study the dreams of thousands of men and women of different ages for many years and found that dreams are closely related to men and women’s daytime life and ideas.
Men express love in their dreams, and women have more emotions in their dreams.
  Men often have activity-related dreams, usually in outdoor or unfamiliar environments as backgrounds, and related to their occupations. Women’s dreams are mostly related to emotions, indoors, such as at home, dormitories or offices.The objects are often household items or clothing.
  Men’s dreams are more active and aggressive than women’s dreams, and they are more aggressive and provocative. Their dreams involve more occupations, competition, reputation, and property.
50% of men have won the *** award in their dreams, and half of them dream of becoming famous overnight.
Men’s dreams are rarely troubled.
But more than 65% of women’s dreams are related to stress, irritability, sorrow and depression, reflecting a sense of insecurity.
The inner world reflected in a woman’s dream is more colorful than that of a man.
  Most men have sex with beautiful strange women in dreams, and can get more pleasure in dreams.
The relationship between women and men in their dreams is more emotional, and often they have romantic relationships with men.
Women sometimes dream of sexual intercourse, but they do not dream as often as men.
Female protagonists in dreams are often acquaintances. There are many characters in the scenes, and the plot is very tortuous, and women often can vividly recall the things in their dreams.
Dreams are affected by biological rhythms. Biological rhythms have a greater impact on women’s dreams. For example, when women come to menstruate, their dream content is different from usual.
Women will dream more of animals when they are pregnant. In the first 3 months of pregnancy, they will often dream of animals such as tadpoles. After half a year, they will dream of puppies and rabbits, and they will dream of monkeys and gorillas before delivery.
  Studies have also found that differences in dreaming between men and women start at adolescence.
Scientists studied 600 boys and girls over the age of 10 and found that the content of dreams is very different: boys often dream of monsters or large animals, girls often dream of people and small animals, and dream of more anxiety.
  German scientists believe that people have been dreaming since the day they were born, and not all nights, but all night.
Everyone dreams 7 hours a day, 49 hours a week, and 2624 hours a year.
Therefore, if the study of dreams has a breakthrough, it will greatly change people’s behavior and life patterns.
According to Freud, a world-renowned psychologist, dreams are a reflection of people’s depressed subconscious mind.
By understanding dreams, people will learn more about the wishes of themselves and others.
Germans often interpret dreams based on this theory.
  ”Psychology Today” magazine reminds readers that if your husband’s dreams often appear at home with windows and doors open, then you must think that there may be more than one woman in his life, and his heart is not only open to you alone.
At this time, as a woman, you need to re-arrange the room to make the husband feel warm and comfortable, and then design a romantic weekend with only two people.
  As a man, if your wife often dreams of pipes, narrow alleys, and other narrow things, you need to change your behavior, because it shows that your wife feels that you are restricting her or that you are disappointing with her sexual life.

Men, some psychological minefields, women do n’t enter

Men, some psychological minefields, women do n’t enter

Minefield: Don’t “teach” a man how to do it, let him feel that you are arrogant, maybe you are out of good intentions, talk to him about career advancement and methods or experiences in dealing with interpersonal relationships.

But he may think you doubt his maturity or look down on his achievements today.

  In the eyes of a man, asking his girlfriend to teach him how to work and how to behave is an extreme distrust of his ability, and even extends to your dissatisfaction with his current position and income.

The real thoughts of women just want to communicate with men about the way of life is similar to be more effective and more valuable for themselves, there is no meaning of questioning the ability of men.

Fang Hui, 29, often gets rather unhappy because of this conversation with her husband.

She is also very dissatisfied with her husband’s indifferent attitude. She thinks that she is kind and fails to report well. Her husband also believes that she is abandoning herself, and the two are very unhappy because of these minor problems.

  Therefore, when a woman mentions this problem with her husband, one should not compare it with other male friends. Second, don’t use him as the center of the topic. You can use “Weekly to talk about what XX was like .” to prevent men from standingThe center of the problem gave him a more sane analysis of the problem.

  Minefield: Shirly ‘s first boyfriend, who is comparing each other ‘s former boyfriend and girlfriend, often calls Shirly recently because of her business relationship, so her husband is very dissatisfied.

But Shirly thinks: We are just ordinary friends and we can also do business. Why refuse others?

Shirly admits nothing is wrong.

But men also feel insecure. Even if you are already his wife, he can still feel uneasy about your contact with ex-boyfriend.

  At the same time, men hate women the most and ask questions such as “Is your former girlfriend prettier than me?”

“,”Why did you split up?

“Which step do you take?” “Is she or me?”

“This gossip question, if you hear any rumors from your sister vaguely, don’t blame him for getting angry.

It is very difficult for a man to face his failed relationship, but you have to “force” him to talk about his failure experience, which is cruel.

And in the subconscious, he always hopes that he can outperform your ex-boyfriend. Although you can’t feel his curiosity when you vaguely mentioned, in fact, he really cares.

  Therefore, for the peace and peace of your two people’s world, don’t talk about their past relationships easily, and of course don’t put them on the shelf without mentioning them. It is a clever way to deal with things that don’t hinder generosity and actually have some good words from each other.

  Minefield: Don’t be awkward with him in bed. If he makes you have any bad feelings about sex, you should say it, but the method should be appropriate.

Don’t be sloppy, like being insulted, otherwise the man will be quite confused and think you are moody.

In addition, suspicion of sexual abilities will also be his “amazing shame”.

If you have any dissatisfaction, you can consider to express it in another way. It is a good way to transfer firepower by making an essential oil caressing or adult toys in advance.

  If your lover didn’t have much sexual experience before, don’t show your disappointment, let’s watch adult movie tuition together.

In order to make you happy, I believe he is happy to do so.

Top 10 reasons why you are older than others

Top 10 reasons why you are older than others

The years are quietly passing, and unwittingly, wrinkles crept up to your face, which is disturbing.

Even though the years are ruthless, please think carefully. Do you have any bad habits in order to give these wrinkles a chance?


hzh{display:none;}  其实,抗击衰老的最好方法就是做好预防衰老的工作。Developing good habits is essential. Avoiding these bad habits is the key to preventing aging.

  One of the causes of aging: frowning all day long, mediocre self-disturbance, putting “bitter melon face” every day causes skin cells to be deprived of nutrients, the skin of the skin is dry and wrinkled, and wrinkles deepen at the same time.

Smile, ten years less.

Emotional stability is very important for endocrine balance. A woman who is gentle and tolerant is very beautiful, but it is not just a psychological impression.

  The second reason for aging: staying up late staying up late is the enemy of skin care, lack of sleep, complications of various skin cell regulation activities, and affect the vitality of epidermal cells.

So you have to sleep at least 8 hours a day. If you fall below this level, you need to re-evaluate your health index.

Adequate sleep is easily manifested on the skin, especially the delicate eye skin.

A sweet good feeling can eliminate the fatigue of the skin, make the regulation of skin cells in a normal state, and delay the aging of the skin.

  The third cause of aging: Frequent exposure to ultraviolet rays that absorb too much sun damages a lot. It can make the skin darker and thicker, and it can cause skin cancer. Of course, it is also one of the culprits of premature skin aging.

Because direct sunlight will directly damage the skin’s deep elastic fibers and collagen, causing skin to become loose and dull, and wrinkles appear.

Therefore, develop a good habit of using high-quality sunscreen.

  The fourth cause of aging: smoking and drinking nicotine has a contraction effect on the skin and blood vessels, so smokers’ skin wrinkles will arrive 10 years earlier than non-smokers, so if you are a smoker, you will look 10 years older than your peers.

Drinking alcohol will reduce the amount of oil in the skin, improve skin dehydration, and indirectly affect the normal function of the skin.

  Five reasons for aging: facial expressions are too rich, often squinting, frowning, giggle, and frowning. These actions and expressions will increase the wrinkles on the face, so it is best to minimize facial actions and excessive expressions.

  Reasons for aging 6: Do not like drinking water. Water is the source of life.

Keeping your skin hydrated in time is the key to skincare.

Insufficient water intake will lead to insufficient oil secretion and skin will easily dehydrate, so you must force yourself to drink 6 to 8 glasses of water every day, but do not drink any caffeine drinks.

  Aging Reason # 7: It’s not good not to like sports.

A proper amount of exercise can promote the acceleration of blood circulation throughout the body, relax the body’s activity moderately, thereby enhancing the skin’s lubricity. It can also give the skin a lot of opportunities to sweat, keep the skin healthy and balance, and greatly reduce the chance of low skin aging.

Therefore, we must strengthen exercise.

  Cause of aging eight: incomplete makeup removal This is a mistake most people will make.

It is not possible to thoroughly cleanse the skin with just a facial cleanser.

You should do deep cleansing regularly to prevent dirt that is not visible to our eyes from clogging the pores and affecting the normal breathing of the skin.

  Reasons for aging IX: Don’t know your skin, do you really know your skin with proper skin care products?

Only when you really know your skin can you make the right choice.

Find a chance to do a skin test and learn more.

  Ten reasons for aging: Get close to irritating food, stay away from vitamins and hurry up the cliff!

Irritating foods, some spicy and deep-fried ones, are suitable for skin such as time bombs, fried products, and spicy foods. They will only reduce the amount of skin endocrine balance and reduce the chance of skin problems such as acne and oiliness.

The vitamins in fruits and vegetables are very good for the skin. Moreover, fruits and vegetables are not only delicious and pleasant, but also can be made into natural masks. The effect is very good, and it is also very interesting in life.

You need to plan your diet as soon as possible.

Five ways to make your workout last

Five ways to make your workout last

Even professional fitness people have low moods.

Fitness trainers, personal trainers, and other experts in the industry have once said to us, “I really don’t want to go to the gym today.”

However, unlike us, they can always overcome their inertia and persist.

The following 7 methods are introduced by some fitness experts for their experience and tips to overcome inherent inertia and maintain a high degree of enthusiasm for exercise.


The power of goals is to set goals endlessly. Such goals can be “wearing smaller clothes” or “preparing for road racing.”

Reebok trainer Petra?

“Every year I try to learn a new method of exercise or fitness.

Recently, I learned windsurfing during the 8 days of vacation.

It feels good to learn new things. This exercise makes my arm, hip and leg muscles stronger. I can exercise without entering the gym!


Looking for a fitness companion, Beryl, director of a yoga institute in New York?

Bochi’s experience is to work out with friends.

“I like walking or cycling with friends.

I find that working out with others is harder than working alone.

“If one friend is not enough, you can find two or three.

“The more friends you have, the more conscious you will be.


Happiness is the reason for exercise. Don’t count how much misfortune your exercise really burns, or which muscles you exercise, but think about having fun or not.

American Fitness Council Cedric?

Dr Bryant said, “If I don’t feel fit, I will put down dumbbell exercises or traditional cardio exercises, and go to more competitive activities for basketball or tennis.”

  If you don’t like to participate in competitions, you can arrange some excursions based on your surroundings, such as sprinting or running.

Peter, director of the Biomechanics Laboratory at San Diego State University?

Dr. Franks has incorporated his hobby of gardening into fitness. His fitness method is to take a walk and visit the neighbor’s garden.


Fitness is just like eating. Professionals who are accustomed to too much fitness take fitness as an important item on their schedule. They even check their schedule for the next day every day and think about when they can schedule a run or go to a fitness club.

If you can transform fitness into a lifestyle like eating, you will find that persistence is not too difficult.


Occasionally reduce the intensity of exercise “Sometimes I will reduce the intensity of exercise. It is thought that I can’t complete a 5 km long run and do nothing, anyway, I might as well go for a 1 km walk to make myself feel good.

California fitness physiologist Douglas?

This strategy of Brooks is very effective for insisting on exercise.

If you exercise regularly, then stop 1 occasionally?
2 days will not have much impact.

  What to do if you ca n’t keep up?

American “Fitness” editors talked about how to overcome inertia: I would make a mental game with myself and tell myself to stop after 15 minutes on the elliptical machine.

At 15 minutes, I will try to do another 15 minutes, or accelerate 2 minutes, and then continue for 5 minutes.

–Kathy Green, 44, managing editor.

  I insist on keeping a “fitness log”.

I like to keep track of how many kilometers I have run and how much time I have spent, which gives me a sense of accomplishment.-Liz Vaccariello, 35, executive editor.

  I arranged 6 different music playlists on the MP3 player, and organized these songs according to the feeling of different sports.

I only listen to these songs in the fitness center, so I don’t get bored.

-Trisha Calvo, 40, album editor.

  If I feel tired, I will take the dog for a walk.

As soon as I set foot on the road to the park, I feel full.