[How to cook the ground sesame paste]_Cooking method_How to cook

[How to cook the ground sesame paste]_Cooking method_How to cook

Everyone knows that sesame blooms and grows high. The taste of sesame is very fragrant. Its shape is segmented, so it is very difficult to take care of sesame. Sesame can even be used as a seasoning and can be madeDeep-fried into sesame oil, some people reconstitute sesame to make sesame paste. The taste is particularly fragrant when eating. So how can the cooked sesame paste be delicious?

Steps: first fry the black sesame seeds.

The black sesame was pulverized with a dry mill.

Stir-fry the glutinous rice noodles, just a little yellow.

Mix the ground black sesame and glutinous rice flour.

After cooling, put it in a box and keep it sealed.

When eating, first use cold water to make a paste, then pour in the water and stir, (the amount of sesame paste and the amount of water are based on personal preference).

Remember to add sugar before you eat it, but you can also eat it without sugar.

Note: Pay special attention when frying sesame seeds.

Introduction of ground sesame paste: According to Chinese medicine, black enters the kidney, so eating more black sesame, black beans, black rice and the like is a good way to nourish the kidney.

The sesame paste will be sticky mainly because of glutinous rice, so it must be there.

Quasi black sesame, black rice, and glutinous rice, according to a ratio of 5: 1: 1.

Ingredients and seasonings for raw ground sesame paste: Black sesame, black rice, glutinous rice granulated sugar is a common practice of raw ground sesame paste. How to make a good meal of the raw milled sesame paste for dessert, black sesame, black rice, glutinous rice are washed and dried.
2. Put black sesame, black rice and glutinous rice into the wok separately and cook over low heat.

Third, the sign that the black sesame is ripe is the taste, and you can smell the scent of sesame.

Or you can buy cooked sesame in the supermarket.

Fourth, the black rice is cooked. This is not very easy to observe. You can fry for about 10 minutes with minimal fire.

Fifth, the glutinous rice is cooked, and it is just fine to see the glutinous rice change slightly.

6. Put the three kinds of fried materials into a blender and use a dry mill to grind them into powder.

Seven, after grinding, add sugar, mix well, and then pour in boiling water, you can create a bowl of black sesame paste.

Home-style food tips: When you eat, mix flour and sugar first, and then flush the water to ensure that there is no flour ball.